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December 20, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Has FLW Angler Gone Overboard?

In a nutshell, according to this Pioneer Press story and a complaint filed by the FLW, after finishing sixth in a kingfish tournament, North Carolina angler Perry Johnston tried to get one of the top five boats disqualified. The FLW said, sorry. So he demanded a three-year deal including payment of his tour entry fees, a sponsored boat, and free use of a Chevrolet Suburban. The FLW said, sorry. He then complained that the organization failed to pay him for certain tournament winnings. The FLW sent him a check. Finally, he allegedly went on a boating Web site called "The Hull Truth," and wrote that the nonpayment "will prove to be a big mistake for the FLW organization. In 12 days, the FLW (and) ALL THEIR SPONSORS for this event will be served with a lawsuit ... GEE I WONDER HOW KELLOGG'S, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, DURACELL and the other sponsors are going to like a lawsuit they receive concerning the FLW stealing prize monies from the fishermen?"

Now the FLW is suing Johnston.

Check out the whole story here and tell us what you think. Did Johnston go overboard? Have we simply not heard his side of the story? Or is this just what you get when you mix big prize money with fishing?


Dave in IDAHO

I don't like to have to sign in to read the full story, so I didn't.

Based on the "nutshell" I'd have to say - yes, overboard. Sounds like sour grapes... big time.


Who cares? Only the lawyers win.

Mc. Squizzy

Way overboard! What the heck was that guy thinking?


This guy must have been thinking that fishing is tedious, hard and he never would have done it if he knew he wouldn't get paid. Seriously though, this guy must have no love for fishing anymore and has the American sickness of feeling entitled to everything.


Gill 'im and throw 'im out on the bank, just like you would a grass carp!



Id like to hear his side of the story. Im not signing up just to read the story. From what I know sounds like he needs a trip to the woodshed!

Blue Ox

Fishing is supposed to be fun. What's his problem?


He sounds like a first-class jerk. But a bit of caution is probably warranted here. As Hurteau points out, his side of the story is nowhere to be found here. My hunch is that his side wouldn't be very convincing--but on the other hand, it's easy to paint a person in a bad light when that person has no say in it.


Blue Ox
I'm with you! Fishing is supposed to be fun, not a spectator sport with sponsors, boat giveaways, rod gimmicks, tv timeouts. Jeesh! We need to take OUR outdoors back from the corporate greed!

Eric B

Way overboard he should be happy just being able to fish in a series like that


Fishing IS fun for those that want it to be. This guys problem has nothing to do with fishing, and hopefully his competitive days are behind him, for good.


I agree with Silver Arrow. The prizes and such can be fun, but when you add big money you get crap like this.

If my kid pulled crap like this he would be over my knee in a second. I think this guy could use a little of that treatment too.


I fish FLW events and the organization is first class. I am certain they have not "cheated" anyone. I am sure the fortune 500 companies he said he was going to sue are real worried. He couldn’t afford ten minutes with their lawyers. Just a sore loser, literally!!!


The Flw did not pay this team their guaranteed prize money at the kingfish tour championship, which ended on nov3rd 2007. after numerous unreturned calls to the flw,Mr johnston made his post to let the fishing community know what was going on.His post on the hull truth was dated nov 10th. on nov 15th,almost 2 weeks after all other anglers got their checks, the Flw sent Mr johnston his checks dated on Nov 15th and titled "CORRECTION TO PAYOUT".Without the post made by Mr johnston, The money would have never been paid.

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