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December 17, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Hunters, The Original Locavores

From The New York Times:

In the traditional vernacular, we’d call [venison] “game meat.” But, in keeping with the times, it might be better to relabel it as free-range, grass-fed, organic, locally produced, locally harvested, sustainable, native, low-stress, low-impact, humanely slaughtered meat.

That string of adjectives has been popularized in recent years by the various food-awareness movements, particularly “localism. . . .”

So-called locavores [argue that eating local foods not only saves fossil fuels for transport but also] leads to a healthier lifestyle and diet; brings money to rural communities; promotes eating meat from animals that are able to “carry out their natural behaviors” and “eat a natural diet” . . . ; supports the production of foods that have fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides; and it keeps us in touch with the seasons.

While those sound suspiciously similar to the reasons many Americans choose to hunt, the literature of localism neglects the management and harvest of wildlife. This is a shame, because hunters are the original locavores. . . .

Hunters need to push a new public image based on deeper traditions: we are stewards of the land, hunting on ground that we know and love, collecting indigenous, environmentally sustainable food for ourselves and our families.

Read this important article in full, then tell us your reaction.



I could not agree more.


Same here. This is--more of less--exactly how I have always felt about hunting, long before anyone ever coined the term, "locavore."
And this is both a savvy and honest way to represent our sport and ourselves to nonhunters, whose opinion of us--like it or not--has a great deal of influence.


Great article. We've been way too slow in representing ourselves in this light. I think some hunters are worried that it lumps us in with a bunch of greenies. So what? Our lifestyle has innumberable benefits--if some happen to be the same ones that certain granola-types appreciate, FINE. Besides, we also happen to be the original greenies. Don't forget that.

Whenever I bring a pot of duck/venison chili to a potluck I always advertize it as "with organic/free range meats"-just to make people feel better about eating bambi. Good article bringning up an often overlooked(in the non-hunting community) topic.


Finally an article that doesn't portray hunters as ignorant, redneck, bloodthirsty, troglodytes who kill "innocent" animals to compensate for apparent "shortcomings" in our anatomy.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to make that Prius into a four wheel drive and have it sit up about two feet off the ground. Sweet.



I guess I'm not a locavore and am just an environmentally insensitive fossil fuel consumer. I drive almost 3,000 miles per year in pursuit of various hunting opportunities. However, there are two deer, an elk, a turkey, and a few ducks and geese in the freezer.


Well, WA, it's damn good to know you're proud of your negative impact on the planet. Keep up the good work.

Brian T

I enjoy confronting the health-food cranks with the premise that if they really wanted clean food: "buy a hunting licence." Those people are such a load of hippocrappy.


If you figure out that 4x4 hybrid Prius, make sure it will haul a 1,500 pound trailer with all the gear.

I want one!


WAMtnhunter quote:
If you figure out that 4x4 hybrid Prius, make sure it will haul a 1,500 pound trailer with all the gear.

I want one!

You can get one now. It's called a team of mules. The mules pull the prius and your trailer and gear. LOL!!!!



As for the suggestion that hunters and other outdoorsmen adopt the nomenclature of the Left, forget it. I am not an original "greenie" - my hunting and conservation behaviors have more to do with rugged individualism, independence and survival. I practice these behaviors because it is good for me (it maintains a healthy food supply and clean habitat)- it is a side benefit that it is also good for others. Would that we were all selfish in this way.

Indicentally, a review of Steven Rinella's writings will show that he is a darling of the socially left and his seemingly innocuous swipes at Cheney, the NRA, Ted Nugent and others on the right suggest he holds much in common with the political left. I would further suggest that he is an interesting oddity to the Left in that he appears to hold common cause with them - but, (shocking voice) he also owns guns and kills animals. Most of them have difficulty wrapping their heads around it.

Yeah - it is an amusing article, but describing it as "important" seems a bit of a stretch.

But that's just me.
[back to the cave]


If he is in the employ of the New York Times, he is suspect in my mind's eye.


I recently bought a used GMC Truck thats a hybrid. Haven't put two many miles on it so I can't say whether it will save a lot of gas. Its an ext. cab 4WD. All I know so far is that the engine shuts of at stoplights. Main reason was the high cost of diesel and lower winter mileage. Its a full-sized truck but sure lacks space compared to a 3/4 ton.

don m

no,no,no,jim, it cant be done,no way in H***




My only question about Hybrids has always been, If it costs more to buy and more to repair, what are you really saving in the end?

Just wondering.


John R

Jack, well said! It appears Steve Rinella likes to hunt but has to justify it to his progressive liberal buddies. Maybe he gives them deer burger and tells them to pretend it's beef :-).


read some of the comments, if your like me, its enough to make your blood boil


It amazes me that many of the other environmentalist groups (excluding the radicals) fail to see the connection that hunters and anglers also have with the environment...This creates the same bi-partisan trouble that the government has to deal with on a regular basis, and we see everyday how detrimental that is to daily life.

If we could just all get on the same page (or at least the same chapter of the same book) think of all the things we could accomplish...

I don't think we should all adopt a leftward leaning stance, we just need to promote what we practice more, improve the public image of hunters/anglers by becoming more vocal in a positive way.

Instead of getting in the face of an anti, perhaps try to have a logical discussion...



Does this translate to "local eaters"?!

How awful! I been one of these since, oh, sometime back about 1950 er so and didn't even know it!

I learned to hunt at the knee of my dad and his dad. They processed their own deer, hogs, and calves. If we ate fish, WE caught it! I learned canning and freezing garden produce from my mother and my dad's mother! I have picked enough blackberries to make several gallons of jelly.
There's nothing new to this, it's just common sense. If you can't taste the difference between "home whupped" and that tasteless, commercially processed, chemical ridden garbage, you don't know what you're missing!


Frank Fox

I thought this was a great article, and very important. I think Rinella should be applauded for trying to explain to folks outside of our usual circles what hunting is about. Don't forget, only about 13 percent of the people in this country hunt. It's not a bad thing to get them to understand us better instead of just sneering at them and telling them to get lost. That won't get us anywhere.


This article IS important. Left-bashing gets us nowhere. And I for one am pround to agree with Dan that we are the original greenies. Some of you guys act like there's something wrong with caring about the environment and how it impacts our fellow citizens.
I've always found it particularly disgracful when people--and there are lots of them--use the term "rugged individualist" as a justification for not caring about anyone else.


Yo Doug, have you ever tried to talk to an anti? They are not logical they are for the most part fanatical. Good luck with that! Id rather punch one in the face. No I would probably never do that but it sounds sooooooo gooooood!


Off subject but that 5 year old that killed the 455lb bear is coming on live in aminute on KATV ch.7 Little Rock AR. dont know the website but Im sue you put in the name you can find it.


Sorry no more notice its on now


Only thing I caught new is the boy never had the gun until they saw the bear and Papa gave it to him. sorry to get off sub ject for amoment.

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