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December 26, 2007

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Cop Allegedly Pulls Gun On Butcher Over Venison Jerky

I think we call all agree that venison jerky is a very serious matter, and that the issue of pepper flakes versus no pepper flakes is one of grave, grave importance. But maybe--just maybe--this off-duty police officer took things just a little too far.

From The Columbian:

[Top Choice Meat Market owner Mike] Brannan, recounting the altercation Saturday afternoon, said [off-duty police officer Roger] Evans was retrieving a small deer he had brought into the shop for processing. The officer was angry that pepper flake hadn't been applied to the jerky and felt he shouldn't have to pay for the order, he said.

"He was just being incredibly rude," Brannan said. "He was told by more than just me that he had to calm down or he would be asked to leave. . . ."

Brannan said that after Evans paid a discounted price because pepper flake had not been applied, he carried a large box out the side door and started to hand it to Evans . . . .

"As I handed it to him face-to-face, I told him, 'Don't ever come to my store again.' "

Brannan said he thought Evans was taking the box from him; instead, it fell to the ground. He said he temporarily lost his balance and stumbled into a parked truck, only to stand up straight in time to see Evans draw a handgun and point it at him.



Well Canada needs to take all the handguns away from cops now to keep the public safe!


I hardly see "handguns" as the issue here. My guess is that Evans was intoxicated, but I suppose he could just be stupid enough while sober to do something like that. I think he should definitely have his position with the police reviewed.


I have known law enforcement officers that are fine, outstanding citizens. I also know some "cops" that really shouldn't even have a badge, much less a gun!
I worked in a store that was frequented by law enforcement personnel. The greater percentage of them were officers for one reason and one reason only! They wore a badge, carried a gun and YOU couldn't argue with them, because the were RIGHT! They were mostly arrogant bullies of the worst sort. One even let it out that if he ever stopped a female, he would not let her go until he made her cry! Now didn't that make him a tough guy!?
I've seen too many of these guys push their figurative weight around just because they could, AND get away with it! Some of them had to have failed their psych profile, but were hired due to shortages!

P.S. All officers aren't sphincter's, just most of 'em!


Uh, by the way, people that fit this particular (a--hole) niche, fit into any walk of life! I've even known a preacher that bullied people. There just seems to be an abundance of them in law enforcement!



Maybe the cop's a putz (some are), or maybe the store owner is pushing the envelope with his "story" a bit.

I suspect it's a bit of both!

If the cop drew his weapon, he's gonna say he thought the store owner was getting aggressive. My point with that is, if I did that (even with my license to carry) my butt would have been arrested.

I definetly hope to see follow ups to this article and get the complete story.


Uh, by the way, people that fit this particular (a--hole) niche, fit into any walk of life! I've even known a preacher that bullied people. There just seems to be an abundance of them in law enforcement!


cop from jersey

unbelievable. i have been in law enforcement for nine years and you people never fail to amaze me. of course if this is what really happened this officer's actions are inexcusable. but you are only getting half of the story with no way of confirming it or checking the reliability of the person reporting it.

furthermore i hear pretty much at least once a day some person feel compelled to bend my ear with some story about how they feel an officer did not act to their satisfaction. most people who have problems with cops can usually trace the problem back to the way they acted to the cop to begin with. if you start with an attitude we are going to give one back. if you are polite and respectful we will be polite and respectful. if i said in this thread that all roofers are drunks or all mechanics are rip off artists (and i am not endorsing either of these statements) i would be booed off the forum but it's ok for you kind folk to say that all (or even most) cops are "a--holes" is discourteous at the least and slanderous at the worst.

John R

I am somewhere between Bubba and cop from Jersey on this one. Law enforcement as with all professions has that negative 10% that somehow pass through the filters. Usually they weed themselves out before they cause any problems. I was in LE for a while and most of the officers I worked with were great guys and gals. There were also some I didn't associate with because of attitude, immaturity, or both. Being a LE officer can be tough because you are held to a higher standard of conduct. Is it fair? No, but it is the real world. It comes with the territory. I have learned in my older age not to judge a situation until I know all the facts first hand. We all know that the press is always correct in their assessment of events (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


Cop from Jersey/John R

I have two children, one is a police officer, the other is employed by a Federal law enforcement group. I know what you mean by judging "all by one", and I agree.
BUT, the group that came into the store I worked in, only 2 of about 20-25 were peace officers because they enjoyed working with and assisting the public. The remainder were either "real a--holes" or enjoyed bragging/lying to each other of their exploits. Mostly how they purposely intimidated everyday citizens and their favorite pastimes to make the local citizenry "fear" rather than respect law enforcement.
We had four levels of LE that patronized our store, because the owner gave them a 10% discount for being "LE". We had state police, state troopers, county deputies and city police. The worst of the bunch was the city boys, the most arrogant were the state troopers, the county guys and the state police guys were the best. The two best of the entire group was one state trooper and one city officer!
Now, if the group that came into my store is the exception to the rule, C from J, I will be the first to apologize. It's just that when you deal with that many for three years, it's hard NOT to think the greatest percentage are just plain bullies! Two of the state troopers spent a lot of their time in the store, trying to intimidate ME! They didn't get the 10% discount they "figured" they "deserved"!


Mc. Squizzy

Evans should be jail for a small period of time and have his police stats removed. It was just an accident that Brannan dropped the box. I would have said never come back too if I was in his position. Evans is just a a-- hole!


Most cops are great. I've worked hand in hand with some of them and have seen cops go way above what they should have to do to help out and do their jobs. This is the case with most cops. I have had experiences with cops that just plain didn't care and were bullys. The point is that you don't hear enough about the positve things cops do so when you hear negative things about cops you eventually lump them all togather and you think the worst.

Trae B.

well lets just assume that the story is completly true,it might not have ben but im going with what I read for now.the cop should at least lose his job as a cop and not be allowed to have handguns.Im not saying every one that did something bad should lose gun rights just special cases like that.

John R

Bubba, I hear ya. The most embarassing moment in my life was when an officer I was on duty with responded like an old school Marine Corps drill instructor to a legitimate question from a man he had stopped for speeding. He got toe to toe to this guy and looked down at him and bellowed "You givin' me some s***!" I was not happy and asked him what the heck! He later was terminated because of an off duty incident involving his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. Like I said they usually weed themselves out. Also it's different in every town, county and state. In one town the city cops may be jerks, while two towns over the city cops are as nice as can be.


I struggle with trying to understand why many [not all] Law Enforcement officers think that intimidation is an effective and professional way of serving and protecting. I think this is a dated LE tactic that needs serious review. A professional LE officer should be assertive in a manner that doesn't require bullying. If a LE officer has to resort to this tactic in my book it means he has already lost control of the scene.


Cop from New Jersey- a "you people" phrase is a great example of why some police believe that everyone is a perp and they are truly above everyone. I would refrain from using this type of language because it really does show an us and them attitude rather than being a part of the community that needs to be served and protected.

Ralph the Rifleman

Does anyone know if the store owner is pressing charges in this case? If so, and the cop is found guilty, he should be prosecuted under the law like any other citizen. I respect for law enforcement, and served briefly as a reserve cop in my city so I understand both sides of this issue.


John R

I did work at a small town PD for about 6 weeks. The Dept had ok'd the "Smokey Bear" hat for it's officers. Three of the day shift officers couldn't wait to spend their money for the hat. Each of the officers agreed at roll call one morning, they liked the hat because of the "intimidation" factor. It gave them the appearance of the old "Marine DI".

P.S. I am very aware that not all LE officers are jerks, AND jerks can be found in any occupation.

Alec Vander Giessen

He should be kicked out of the police force!!!

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