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November 28, 2007

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Wisconsin Hunter Gets 69 Years in Hmong Killing

From an Associated Press story in The New York Times:

A white hunter convicted of killing a Hmong man as they both stalked squirrels in the woods was sentenced Wednesday to 69 years in prison.

James Nichols, 28, of Peshtigo, was convicted last month in the death of Cha Vang, a 30-year-old father of five. The slaying rekindled racial tensions in northern Wisconsin, where a Hmong deer hunter fatally shot six white hunters in 2004.

Marinette County Circuit Judge David Miron gave Nichols the maximum sentence, noting his history of violence against animals and others, his juvenile record and a previous conviction for burglary.

''The community needs as much protection as it can possibly get,'' Miron said. ''The best we can do is make sure you can never do harm again.''

Be sure to check out the full story.



I don't know why he killed this man, but this again just put another bad name on hunters, even though those Hmong SOB's killed the deer hunters.


Actually, ONE Hmong SOB killed those deer hunters. Not "those Hmong SOB's."

Following your logic, one could blame the Columbine Highschool cheerleading squad for the actions of the "trenchcoat mafia."

ND Man

All that matters is that a man was sentenced to 69 years for killing a Hmong friend. If the Hmong man was the killer of the hunters than it was a win-win situation


69 years is a good long time to reflect on a stupid, senseless act.


The guy is basically a serial killer who only (maybe) got to kill once. What a sicko!


I know there was only one Hmong man that killed the deer hunters, and I don't have the logic you say I have, Roger. What I believe is that many crimes, etc., in this country are committed by the same "Groups" of people, even though there are good and bad apples in all societies.


Right now we know that one Hmong killed a hunter. And one white hunter killed a Hmong. Logically, then, which group is the one you should be calling the SOB's?


It's up to you...I know where I stand.


He Claims self defence... after he took away the guys gun where was the threat? obviously he was able to overpower him if happened as he said.... and stabbing him what 7 times in the neck yeah that screams self defence...1 maybe 2 but come on take his gun give him a stick or two then walk away..

Then again adrenaline and the heat of the moment do strange things if I truly feared for my life I might not stop at 1 either.

in the end its his comments, hiding the body, and history that did him in...

Its not in the same league as the guy who killed 6 unarmed men though I mean at least here it could have maybe been self defense or at least interpreted that way by the guy.

my .02


Why are you white people so racist. What do you think you own this country? it just show how stupid you are.


White people are the scourge of the earth. All the world's problems in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Communism is the result of said scourge. May the Lord punish you all without mercy.

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