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November 16, 2007

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Red-Haired Bigfoot Baby Spotted in Florida

If certain Baker County, Florida, residents are correct, Bigfoot--the legendary ape-man of the Pacific Northwest--not only gets around but has been commiserating with an orangutan, or perhaps even a spider monkey. The result, as reported by The Florida Times-Union, is a “big orange ball of fur” some are seriously investigating as a “baby Bigfoot.”


Blue Ox

These people want want so badly to belive that bigfoot is real-may as well just stuff Shaq O'Neal into a gorilla suit and call it a day. And just 'cause nobody has a registered permit for an orangutan does not mean that nobody has one for a pet.

michael crandall

Like I had commented before when that picture of "The Skinny Black Bear" (big foot) had been debated, there is big foot here in Florida.


I seen him,I seen him!!!! Damn dropped my crack pipe!!!

Kendor Cruz

Have you ever thought it's an orangatang that escaped from a zoo?


Its just someone trying to get attention. They would probably believe Brittney Spears can stay sober.


Right now it seems the Bigfoot cynics and skeptics win by default because science has not received a Sasquatch body as proof of the creature's existence. This could all change any day now. There is one sample of primate DNA recently retrieved from a blood sample discovered in Canada that is only one pair difference from Human DNA. This DNA is not bear, moose or even whale...it's primate. Believing is one thing, once you have a Bigfoot encounter yourself you can pretend it didn't happen, but believe has nothing to do with a thing afterwards. I know for a fact Bigfoot exists. I am not waiting on science to prove a thing to me, but I can't wait to read the comments once science proves Bigfoot's existence to the cynics and skeptics.

Blue Ox

Ok, you say you know for a fact that bigfoot exists. That's fine by me. But what is the 'fact'? Did you see one, or get a photo of one? Find some hair? I would ask if you found some tracks, but I can make those myself just by taking my shoes off and going barefoot, so that doesn't count as reliable evidence. I'm just curious as to what you discovered to lead you to believe in the existence of bigfoot.


Holy cow I see him! Dang! there goes my Whiskey bottle.

Matt Mallery

Bigfoot, UFOs, Loch Ness monster, eleves, fairies, unicorns, Atlantis, astrology, tarot cards, palm reading, ESP. To believe in any of this makes you a moron. There is no evidence for any of this non sense. Quit being a bunch of sheep!

It is beneath Field and Stream to run these types of articles. This article is better suited for the National Enquirer.


What is your fact? Please share, because if you have proof, then you have something absolutley no one else on Earth has.


If you believe thats your right. I wish I could but until there is solid physical evidence i cant believe. I would like to know what your FACT is too, Huff?

Neil Smith

Yeah, c'mon Huff, spit it out!

Crypto Tim

Have you ever seen a million dollars and not in the form of a lottery check? But yet it exists doen't it you twits

Crypto Tim

Have you ever seen a million dollars and not in the form of a lottery check? But yet it exists doesn't it you twits


not saying anything abought THIS sighting...but...if there are large apes on other continents
...why not an american ape?

although rare and scarcely seen?


Bigfoot is not real. There is no dead bodies so there are no live bodies.

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