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November 27, 2007

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Dying Man Trades Guns For Turkeys

From the Wausau Daily Herald:

A Merrill [Wisconsin] man with just a couple of years to live has sold his hunting rifles to buy 100 turkeys so that local people in need can celebrate the holidays.

Pat Callahan said that because his kidneys are failing he no longer is able to hunt deer, so he decided to sell off his "toys" to benefit others.

"It will help at least 1,000 people to have a better Thanksgiving and a good Christmas," said Callahan, who is in his mid-50s.

Callahan said he hopes the news of his donation will inspire others to do what they can to assist people in the community who are going through difficult times.



What an incredible humanitarian. Hats off and God bless.


The world needs more people with a heart like his, and if there were the world would have alot less problems.

ND Man

I've heard of men killing bears with a knife, men taking a bullet in the arm, chest, leg, and head and survive. But your not a man until you sell all of your guns to make a bunch of poor families happy that you don't even know. This man is a man with a big heart. I hope the families are grateful. God bless.

suburban bushwacker

well played sir!

WA Mtnhunter

God bless this man. May his days be filled with the joy he has shared with others.

I have a similar plan for my rifles and shotguns when I am no longer able to use them. I have asked my son which ONE of my rifles he wants. The rest I plan to give to younger men with young sons and daughters who might not be able to afford a fine rifle, in hopes of passing the hunting legacy down two generations.

They can fight over my Shiloh Sharps!


ONE HELL OF A MAN, I hope his last years are filed with joy.



We need more honest and caring people like this in the world. Someone that will give up his protection for those that are less fortunate than others. Way to go. And hope all goes well.


Now that's what it is all about.God will surely smile upon him.I just hope,for his sake,that now the word is out,he at least kept one for self defense.Theives will see that now he has no guns;easy target,man,I hope not.

Trae B.

well,I wish he was able to go shoot a hundred turkeys to give away.

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