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November 16, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is This Bird-Loving Cat Killer Cruel?

From The New York Times:

Jurors heard opening arguments on Tuesday in the trial of a bird-watching enthusiast who fatally shot a cat that he said was stalking endangered shorebirds.

The defendant, James M. Stevenson, is the founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society and leads bird-watching tours on this Gulf Coast island 60 miles southeast of Houston. If convicted on animal cruelty charges in the shooting last November, he faces up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Check out the full story and tell us what you think? Are Stevenson’s actions justified or not?



It is just a natural cycle. The cat's instinct is to hunt. You kill a cat today, you have to kill a coyote the next. Then a bear and so on and so forth. My understanding is that it probably needed food, so it followed it's instinct and hunted just like we follow our instinct and hunt a the local QFC.


I can't believe this is criminal....it's just a cat. I'm sure there are plenty more where that came from. I have a cat and a dog and if they get shot it would be because they strayed and I believe that would be my damn fault. Why did the owner of this toll booth cat not take it home and care for his supposed pet? hmm? That would be because he was feeding a stray cat maybe? So if we are really going to make it CSI like does the toll booth operater have any hair of this animal on his clothes? Can he prove without a reasonable doubt that the cat is indeed his pet?

Think about it.


it's not just a natural cycle, because the cat was never supposed to be a part of it. We aren't talking about native animals, these are pests. This blog makes me wants to get the 10/22 out and shot some kitties!

Blue Ox

Ever see what a .22mag hp does to a cat's skull? Reminds me of confetti!

Brucie Boy

I am a cat owner and frankly love my cats (I'm a dog owner too so don't judge me to harshly). However, I keep my cats indoors and have no problem with the shooting of problem cats. While they do serve a purpose as mousers in the old barn, their impact on wild bird populations is just to serve.


No offense my friend,but I've seen rat snakes or corn snakes do a lot better job at keeping the rat population down (as long as it's not too cold a climate that is)


if its not on my property, iwont shoot, but if it is and its feral,its very shortly going to be 17 HMR fodder


One must be very careful when leaving anti-freeze out in open containers. Animals such as felines are attracted to it, lapping it up like catnip. The side effects are a bit more damaging however, often resulting in death.


shoot the cat and get arrested, its worth it


He did the environment a favor! He should be thanked. In this disgusting PC world, tho, he should have let the pros handle it, and cost the taxpayers hundreds or thousands of dollars instead of spending his own 2 cents that the .22 bullet costs.

Forget obesity...the real epidemic in this country is stupidity!!

Matt Mallery

I'm not sure how the abortion issue keeps getting brought up. I'm all for abortion myself. There are 6 billion humans on this planet and that is too many. Where are people 100 years from now going to hunt? On game farms?

As far as treehuggers go, most tree huggers realize the destruction cats do to ecosystems. They are a non native species and should be elimanted. Keep it inside if you want a pet cat.

As far as survival of the fittest, that is the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this blog. To suggest it is okay to let an invasive species wipe out a native species because of survival of the fittest in just a stupid thing to say.

This comparing of cats to coyotes makes no sense. Coyotes are a native part of the ecosystem, cats are a non native invader. Shoot the cat, keep the coyote.


I'd shoot the dang cat too. Wake up folks, we're just letting the PC crowd take over everyones' lives.
Let drug-dealing border crossers go, arrest the border guards who tried to get him and also lets throw the cat-shooters in jail with the murderers.

don mitchell

my hats off to james the kitty killer,kill em all.


Matt Mallery's quote:

I'm all for abortion myself. There are 6 billion humans on this planet and that is too many. Where are people 100 years from now going to hunt? On game farms?

Matt, I normally try to be civil on these boards, but that comment of yours has to rank with some of the stupidest things I've ever read. Anyone who believes that killing children is fine because of lack of places to hunt needs to check their priorities in life.

Birth control is practically foolproof. There are very few "accidental" pregnancies. Just stupidty and selfishness that manifests itself into children that people don't want and can't take care off so they visit Dr. Coathanger. It's sick.

Accept responsiblity for the situations you create. If that means growing up and being a parent fine. If you can't do that, then at least give the child a chance through adoption.

Brian M

It has been said but I'll say it again. SHOOT, SHOVEL AND SHUT UP!!

Neil Smith

Matt Mallery's post is one of the few reasonable things I've read here today. Ignore the anti-abortionists, Matt. They are not using their brains.


More and more in this world, it's shoot now and ask questions later. Why not trap this cat humanely and drop it off at the local pound or at some other location? Why not call the local animal control and let them handle it? Was it truly necessary to shoot to kill? I believe this should really be the issue at hand. It is an instinct for a cat to hunt and kill. What makes the cat so different from you human hunters? You hunt, you kill and hopefully, you eat what you kill and some of you even mount heads and antlers like trophies. Basically, hunters and cats have a lot in common. Don't even get me started about what men and male cats have in common!

One other thing....abortion does not belong in a discussion between men because as long as men cannot get pregnant and refuse to pay child support, they have no business having an opinion on the subject! Until you can carry a baby, your blood, in your body for 9 months and give birth to it and then take it to an orphanage and drop it off for someone else to take care of and just forget about it, you should keep your mouth shut. It's not like taking a dog to the pound! And... birth control works for both men and women - I can't say how many times I've heard how much men hate condoms! Just leave all the blame on women right? The mentality of some of you makes me sick.

There, now this communication should really get you all goin'! Have fun!

Matt Mallery

Thanks Neil.

Tim Foltz

Tnugnt. If you rob a bank and get caught do you get to dispose of the person who caught you and suffer no punishment for your action? You make a decision to have sex, if you are caught, i.e. pregnant, grow up and take responsibly for your actions. Or do same as the cat killer and kill the innocent. It takes two to make a life but only one to decide what happens to that life?


Tim - Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Whatever! The point is, if everyone would quit whining about what other people are doing and mind their own business, we wouldn't be losing our freedoms in the country one by one. We sure as hell wouldn't be in this war with Iraq right now losing thousands of our own men and women if we had just stayed of out their business! How in the hell does a woman making a choice of what to do with her own body personally affect your life whatsoever - unless it's someone you knocked up? This column really isn't the place to discuss abortion rights, however when I see he-man womanhaters like you putting in your two cents about abortion, I am compelled to respond. It's a sensitive subject for women that men will never understand and something that a woman certainly doesn't enjoy and more often only does out of shear desperation for one reason or another. And besides, what you wrote above makes no sense - one does not compare with the other at all. Also, not all pregnancies are the result of a "decision to have sex", i.e. rape!


Thou shall not kill. Simple and unequivocal. Abortions, capital punishment, killing ? eh??

Kill the cat. Or take it to the humane society and let them kill the cat. What's the difference?

It's just a cat. To consider sending a man to prison for killing a feral cat is crazy.

By the way, Michael Vic only fought dogs. What's the difference in killing a cat, feral or not, and fighting a dog that instinctively fights.

Not much. Sending a person to prison for fighting dogs is not much different than sending a perosn to prison for killing a cat.

Greg Arnold

This one of the most jackass things I've heard in a long time.
If dogs chase livestock or harass deer in most areas they are subject to being shot. This cat got the same treatment. Boo hoo.
I have cats for pets and have no sympathy for this one. Some PETA dimwit must have got a merit badge over this over-blown charade.


Come on tnugt, I am sick to death of gender warfare or rather engendered warfare. Do you want equality or do you just want to hate? Everyone has a right to have an opinion on anything they want whether it is abortion or Pol Pot. Women don't own any issue just like men don't own any issue. Your comment reminded me of when women weren't allowed to have an opinion on politics so they couldn't vote. Is that equality by essentially taking the same chauvnistic stance only reversing gender. Last point- are you saying that women can't have an opinion on abortion either unless they have a kid? The only hater that I've seen on this page is you. I may be for or against abortion but I have as much right to an opinion on the subject. Women don't play football, does that mean women can't have an opinion on who their favorite team is?

Matt Mallery


How can you compare a brutal, sadistic sport like dog fighting (which is encouraged and enjoyed by only sick people who should be executed) with eradicating a destructive, non native species thatis harming the ecosystem?

Dog fighting makes the world a worse place. Cleaning up the environment and protecting ecosystems makes the world a better place. No Comparision. The man that shoots feral cats is helping the Earth. Michael Vic is a sick bastard that should be put in the electric chair.

One more thing for everyone reading this: if you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. I'm a man, so that is easy enough for me to adhere to. The church needs to stay out of a woman's womb.

WA Mtnhunter

To all you cat lovers:

If my Lab crapped in your garden the way your loose cats do, you'd be pissed! If you love your cats so much, keep them up so the coyotes, dogs, and pesky old .22's don't send them to the Great Litter Box in the sky!

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