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November 16, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is This Bird-Loving Cat Killer Cruel?

From The New York Times:

Jurors heard opening arguments on Tuesday in the trial of a bird-watching enthusiast who fatally shot a cat that he said was stalking endangered shorebirds.

The defendant, James M. Stevenson, is the founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society and leads bird-watching tours on this Gulf Coast island 60 miles southeast of Houston. If convicted on animal cruelty charges in the shooting last November, he faces up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Check out the full story and tell us what you think? Are Stevenson’s actions justified or not?



I'm sick to death of these whiny assed tree huggers putting animal rights before human rights. Everyone of these people support roe vs wade (abortion rights) but it's just SO wrong to kill a stupid cat. It's a cat. It's a CAT.

Save a cat, abort a child. Morons.


I would say he is innocent of the charge of "klling a cat belonging to another."

The bridge tender claims that the cat was his, although it was a feral cat living under the bridge which he fed and pampered.

Apply this logic to the woman who feed pigeons on the steps of St. Paul's cathedral. Are these birds classified as "belonging to another" because she feeds them and has an emotional attachment to them?

Give me a break.


The CAT was on his property. If he chose to kill the CAT for messing with his birds so what?

How many of us have killed coyotes for messing with deer?

I heard today on the news that certain companies (I didn't catch the name of which ones) have told their employees not to say or decorate with the words "HO,HO,HO" because of the Don Imus flap with the ladies basketball team.

What kind of gutless, PC, overly sensitive world do we live in today?

I wonder if the guy who shot the CAT called the CAT a "HO" beforehand?

If he did, he'd probably be in prison for years and forced to take sensitivity training to better understand CATS and HOs.

r napolitano

I wonder how many cat lovers would be willing to bestalked by a cougar and have an armed guardian say. Oh! I can't shoot, its only doing what nature wants it to do. Just wondering>


Actually, I think he SHOULD be in trouble. He wasn't protecting shorebirds, he was protecting his own profits.


Quote from Me:

Actually, I think he SHOULD be in trouble. He wasn't protecting shorebirds, he was protecting his own profits.

It's a CAT on HIS property. It's a CAT that was after HIS birds. So what if he was protecting his assets. He's killed cats before and I would imagine he'll kill them again. It's a CAT. They are pests, like rats. They shit in your landscaping, kill birds and leave the remains. They are PESTS.

If you want a cat, keep it in your house or on your property. Just like dogs, keep them in your house or on your property, for if you don't and they stray onto mine and will not leave when shooed. They will be maced and if (in the dogs case) they growl, they will be shot. End of story.


Its a cat so what. This seems like a waste of the taxpayers money to me.

Blue Ox

Hmmmm, cats. The other white meat.


Don't try to pin this on "tree huggers". I know a number of "tree huggers" quite well, and the majority of them would be in favor of shooting the cat. (Which is an invasive species.)

If you are going to hate a group over this, at least get the group right which in this case is probably cat lovers...

Evan V

He deserves to get punished. He disrupted survival of the fittest, in where the cat was going to sustain it's survival by eliminating a weaker animal. In this case, the shorebird.


Only good cat is a dead cat!


It's not just cat-lovers who are upset.

"Cat shooter cause interruption in food chain!", so claimed Mung Pow Chan, owner of the Golden Kitty Chinese Restaurant.


This is the most stupid thing Ive, almost , ever heard. Kill that damn cat and any others killing any kind of wild life. Where I live if you want a live cat keep it in the damn house. And any of you that think Im harsh look up how many songbirds cats kill! they dont eat them just kill them. If you dont like my comment keep your damn cats away from my property!!!!


Evan V said:

He deserves to get punished. He disrupted survival of the fittest, in where the cat was going to sustain it's survival by eliminating a weaker animal. In this case, the shorebird.

Exactly survival of the fittest. I'm more fit than the cat, so the cat dies.


All "domesticated" cats who are observed stalking wildlife deserve death. Feral cat populations can get out of control very quickly, especially if your area lacks a good population of raccons and possums to keep the kitties in check. Obviously if you notice the cat is your neighbors, common courtesy dictates that you simply notify the neighbor and leave the cat alone. If, however, the neighbor chooses to ignore the problem,not take their responsibilities as an owner seriously and the cat keeps preying on local wildlife, it should be killed. I do suggest that you proceed with caution simply because if you kill your neighbors cat with a pellet gun or .22, they argueably have the right to poison your loud, obnoxious bird dog. They will probably get Old Yeller with the tried and true bowl of anti-freeze left just inside his teather range. Or they may kidnap him and drive him to a remote location for a little target practice and abandonment. The bottom line is whether it's cats preying on wildlife or dogs pooping in your yard and keeping you up all night with their barking, they are fair game. Irresponsible pet owners never learn their lesson until they have to explain to their kids that the beloved family pet is dead. Life's rough all over, but I think Walmart has a sale running on .22 ammo, so you see....there's always a silver lining.


he should be given a medal instead of facing prosecution.


What the [email protected]#?A man in a courtroom can steal a pistol off of a deputy sheriff,kill 3or4 people,and the dang state spends ONE MILLION dollars in his defense,and some of it is caught on tape,and they still are arguing in court if he's guilty or not.And someone gets rid of a mere da%# cat thats only going to make the ENDANGERED birds suffer a cruel death.I've watched cats as they catch a little rodent or a bird and all they do is "play" with it a little while,injuring it a little more each time until it is dead.Cats(housecats)make things suffer a long death,at least the cat didn't suffer.The law in Ga.,as I understand,says you can shoot an animal if it is endangering your pets,garden,livestock,property,and especially your life.


Oh,and what's a tree hugger? Without nature,my friend,you would'nt be here.

RJ Arena

This is one of those where the taxpayers money is being wasted, government out of hand. I happen to be a bird watcher for over 25 years and I know the cat population is out of balance, the problem is that people that own cats don't have tem fixed, so they breed out of control. song bird counts are down all over the country, mostly due to feral cats.I am not anti cat(I adoupted on this week from a shelter) , but anti stupid cat owner. Control your pets.


Maybe a learned game biologist will drop in and read this blog.
At one point,feral cats were being blamed for the decline in quail and other ground nesting gamebird populations in certain areas of the US. The only solution is a firing squad. I don't like cats either, but I'm still not going to poison them. Now THAT is cruel! (sorry B'Dog, had to use one there.)



And also I'm a nature lover,it's in my blood,but abortion is murder.I'm also a hunter,angler,camper,outdoorsman and Native American(Chickasaw),but the man was only trying to protect an ENDANGERED species,how many cats are they now?


That was supposed to be "how many cats are THERE now?"


i dont need to poison them i have a scoped 22mag.And they wont be prosecuting me casue they wont find out about it. Shoot,shovel and shutup


If killing a cat is illegal the county animal shelter is in alot of trouble.



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