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November 27, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Are You Ready to Hunt Western Wolves?

From an Associated Press story in the Idaho State Journal:

[A] proposed [wolf] management plan, issued Monday by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, . . . recommends using a regulated seasonal hunt as the tool of choice for managing, and in some cases, thinning the number of wolves roaming the state. . . .

It also recommends suspending all wolf hunting activity when there are 20 or fewer breeding pairs left in the state.

''We're focusing on managing conflicts with this plan,'' [IDFG large carnivore coordinator Steve] Nadeau said. ''And clearly, that means population reductions in some areas. Other areas, we'll be looking to stabilize.''

Check out the full story and tell us your reaction.


Dave in IDAHO



1) What planet do you live on? Unless you are hunting blacktail deer on Kodiak wilderness areas, you are hunting in an altered ecosystem. What do you do - go sit in a treestand waiting for a whitetail to come to your feeder?

2) The ranchers are being hurt, but that is only a small part of why a management hunt is being proposed. There are now more wolves in idaho than in Wyoming and Montana combined! And the population is growing.

3) We have beat this one into the ground. I will say it one more time. yada yada yada... The threat to humans is only brought up by wolf advocates who say no one has ever been attacked, not by the professionals who have determined a need for a population control wolf hunt.



If the numbers are as you say they are, and the experts see that the data could warrant a hunt.
I hope you get it. I just hope the data is accurate, the need is real, and that it is carried out in a sporting way.
For instance - I imagine dogs would be used, and I cannot imagine that really helping to calm the deer or elk.

How would you hunt wolves?

Dave in IDAHO

I hope the data is more accurate (honest} than it was when the wolves were initially re-introduced! I believe it is.

No dogs will be allowed while hunting for wolves. The proposed wolf hunts coincide with the standard fall hunting seasons for deer and elk. So what I plan to do is purchase a wolf tag along with my elk and deer tags. I will keep the wolf tag in my pocket and if I should happen to see a wolf as I have for the past few seasons, I will attempt to bag and tag. I will be holding a bow and arrows during my elk hunt so I doubt I will get a good shot at one till deer season. If I don't see a wolf, I will just put the tag in the drawer with all my other unfilled tags.

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