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November 29, 2007

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Did Bobby Knight Step Out of Bounds While Dove Hunting?

Bobby Knight's famously fiery temper seems to have publicly flared again, but not on the basketball court. This time it was in a Lubbock, Texas, dove hunting field. According to this Dallas Morning News story, the Texas Tech men's basketball coach and NCAA all-time wins leader stands accused of accidentally shooting a local woman in the foot, raining birdshot into homeowner James Simpson's swimming pool, then spraying pellets into the man's neck and back after Simpson complained Knight was hunting too close to his house.

"Coach Knight did not shoot over there. He did not intentionally shoot at him. It's such a frivolous accusation with no merit," said Knight's hunting partner Bubba Curtis.

Indeed, there appears to be no hard evidence to support the shooting accusations, but the video Simpson taped during his confrontation with the coach certainly seems to paint Knight in a less that chivalrous light.

Check it out for yourself (here's the video), then tell us your reaction.



Bobby is a big ole boy I bet that would be a tussle!!LOL


WA Mtnhunter,

I'm sure it would have been!

Like I said, Coach is his own worst enemy and he needs to learn to walk away @ times.

WA Mtnhunter


Agreed. Darn good advice for most folks --learning to walk away when you should!

another voice

Being a high profile man and always in the spotlight , he should act and respond more respectively than he did. Bobby
should slowly fade away....to
keep him and others around him out
of trouble.

A voice from Indiana

Your best recourse is to return fire with a shotgun yourself. If he wasn't shooting at you, you couldn't have been shooting at him, right? Much less actually hit him. Bobby has made more false accusations against others than he has been the target of, don't worry about him. But, if you accuse him of anything he always has someone to make a "donation" to that will make his problem go away. Follow the money, and find the real crime. He got to stay at IU till he couldn't "donate" enough to make his problems seem smaller than his value.


as a lubbock resident and a texas tech student, i have nothing but the utmost respect for coach kight. Knight has raised over $1,000,000 for the texas tech library, and also a lot of money for countless numbers of charities. I myself am an avid dove hunter and had situations where angry land owners in lubbock throw a fit just because you are shooting your gun even though you are fully within your rights. two years ago, one of my friends had the opportunity to go on a pheasant hunting trip with the coach because his dad is a friend of coach knights. From what he said, the coach practices gun safety and is very conscious of his surroundings. in my oppinion this is just a scheme cooked up by an idiot with a camera that wanted to make the news.

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