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November 29, 2007

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Did Bobby Knight Step Out of Bounds While Dove Hunting?

Bobby Knight's famously fiery temper seems to have publicly flared again, but not on the basketball court. This time it was in a Lubbock, Texas, dove hunting field. According to this Dallas Morning News story, the Texas Tech men's basketball coach and NCAA all-time wins leader stands accused of accidentally shooting a local woman in the foot, raining birdshot into homeowner James Simpson's swimming pool, then spraying pellets into the man's neck and back after Simpson complained Knight was hunting too close to his house.

"Coach Knight did not shoot over there. He did not intentionally shoot at him. It's such a frivolous accusation with no merit," said Knight's hunting partner Bubba Curtis.

Indeed, there appears to be no hard evidence to support the shooting accusations, but the video Simpson taped during his confrontation with the coach certainly seems to paint Knight in a less that chivalrous light.

Check it out for yourself (here's the video), then tell us your reaction.



As a longtime resident of the state of Indiana, a huge Bob Knight fan and a hunter, I think Bob is drawn to controversy like a moth to the flame.

He (Knight)apologized to the lady who was hit by one pellet. He denies what the man is accusing him of, but Coach will not back down to anyone and that has caused him more problems (including losing his job @ Indiana University) that I can imagine it is worth.

The last report I've read says that local law enforcement isn't looking @ charging Coach Knight with anything.

Sometimes Coach would do himself a huge favor by learning to agree to disagree and walking away.


I'll probably catch hell for this, but here it goes. I don't like the idea of that man with a gun. I wouldn't like the idea of him hunting in general, being associated with hunting in any way, or certainly not hunting with a gun near my home, shooting into the air. I know folks get rained on by bird shot alot, but he is the last guy that should be doing it.

Isn't he rich enough to go hunting where there are no people or homes around?

My God Bob. Remove yourself from these sorts of situations please. Its getting old. He will soon be the next OJ - I can just feel it.

WA Mtnhunter

Tell it like it is, Tommy!

Mr. Knight has always been as ass. Why would anyone expect different? If he had been charged with all the violent assaults he has alleged to have committed over the years, he wouldn't be allowed to own a firearm today in most states.

Like my daddy once said, "He just never has had his butt whupped RIGHT..." That might explain his propensity to shoot off his mouth and pitch temper tantrums so often.



Gonna try yet another celebrity in the court of public opinion?

Matt Mallery

Bobby Knight is lucky one of his players never decked him. I am not saying what he did was intentional, but he is a hot head and does not appear to respect those around him.

Mike Diehl

I'm with Tommy and WAMtnhunter on this.

I don't give a toot that he shot someone in the leg "accidently" and "apologized" for it. I wouldn't want him hunting dove or anything else within ten miles of my house.

I wonder what the distance was to that guy's house?

John R

It is impossible to judge the above situation not having been present myself.
My personal value is to give the complainant the benefit of the doubt and move down. Most of the time it results in a good relationship with the landowner.
The other side of the coin however, is the cry wolf landowner who hates hunting and all hunters. There are some landowners living adjacent to small hunting tracts in my area. You can set your clock on opening day that they will be calling the police dept. complaining that bullets and pellets are falling on their house. The local police have to respond, but take the landowner's complaint w/a grain of salt. The sad thing is what if there was a real incident?



I know, I thought you were supposed to be 150 yards away from any residence hunting or shooting with a gun. I know its that way in NC. Isn't that pretty much standard across the nation?


John R.,

Too true! I posted on the rifle/shotgun safety thread at length this morning and it may as well be the same thread. Hmmmm. F&S tried to pull a fast one?

But really I won't post the same stuff here, but you may want to read it. I agree with you.


In Virginia you have to be 300 yards away from an occipied dwelling. That pretty much makes it impossible for an instance like this to even occur.

WA Mtnhunter

I have pellet dents in my camper that is parked next to my barn 50 yards from the house caused by boys jump shooting ducks in the creek by the house some years ago. I never told them to stop hunting along the creek. I just politely asked them to not shoot in the direction of my house and buildings. Everything stayed polite and respectful, particularly after I asked who their dad was....


How do we know the whole thing wasn't a set up? Did you hear the accent of the retard with the camera? What a stupid hillbilly. I bet he's married to his first cousin and the two dirty inbreeds thought they'd sell the video and move to Beverly Hills with the Clampets. People like Bobby Knight get set up all the time. If there was a shred of truth to any of these accusations, the police would be all over it.

WA Mtnhunter

What do you expect, a Bronx accent from some guy in Texas? Bobby Knight was the only inbred retard I heard talking.

The one thing Mr. Knight needs is for someone to take him out behind the woodshed and teach him some manners. That has been a long time coming.

Mike Diehl

"I know, I thought you were supposed to be 150 yards away from any residence hunting or shooting with a gun."

In Arizona, and in Maine (IIRC), it's "No shooting within 1/4 mile from any structure or residential site [such as a state campground] that is or is likely to be inhabited" or words to that effect.


Quote from WA Mtnhunter:
The one thing Mr. Knight needs is for someone to take him out behind the woodshed and teach him some manners. That has been a long time coming.

Why don't you head out to Texas and try taking Coach Knight out behind the woodshed and let us know how it worked out for you.

I'd pay to see it! :)


Of all people Bob Knight is accusing someone of cussing and asking him rudely to stop hunting around the house. He should not be offended by any language used based on how he acts and what he says on the basketball court. maybe now he knows how the refs feel when the officiate a game he is coaching in. Maybe he wasn't the one that did the actual pelleting of the hopuse- did you notice how he tried to blame his hunting partner. Looks like he is the same in real life as he is on the court - Just a big blow hard bigmouth. He needs to be kept on Campus away from the public.


On behalf of all hunters the best thing a person can do in a situation like this is just move away from the house quietly. No apologies, no cussing, no arguments just begrudge a landowner what they want and suck it up for the overall image of hunting. Nobody wants an argument to escalate when firearms are in hand.


Good news. ESPN loves hunters.

The guys that were broadcasting last nights kickoff to the Jimmy V week, talked about the incident, and acted like it was the most stupid thing to be in the news in the world. They pointed out that they were totally legal, had landowners permission, and that there would be no charges.

They did as good a job as they could to help us out - big time.
I hope somone else saw it. We owe ESPN a lot of credit; they do alot of different, tasetful hunting shows as well. Maybe F&S could run a thread on that?


I cannot understand how any adult can have the least respect for Bobby Knight. He quite simply has never grown up. He thows child-like temper tantrums and continually gets away with them because of his fame and position, which serves only to validate his awful behavior. The result is a bully, a meanspirited adolescent, and a disgrace to all coaches, hunters, and decent adult humans.
Anyone who might even think of disagreeing need only ask themselves this: What sort of example does he set for today's young hunters? Would you ever, ever teach your youngster to act in such a way?
Now, if it's unacceptable for a youngster, it should be doubly so for an adult.
Bottom line: Bobby Knight is pathetic. You can hear in his voice that he actually thinks he is justified in being such a complete @$$hole.


What a Moron! Did you notice how quick he was to throw his hunting partner under the bus.


I've noticed that a lot of reports--and a lot of Knight apologists--point to the fact that no charges will be filed against the coach, as if that were proof he did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, it is not again the law to be a world-class jerk. If it were, Knight would have been put away a long time ago.
The lack of criminal charges does not excuse his horrific behavior. He makes all hunters look bad and sets a horrible example for youngsters.


As a fan of his coaching ability, Bob Knight is a true genius. As a human being, Bob could definetly use some work.

He can be an ass, Bob is his own worst enemy and he needs to learn to walk away from confrontation.

Will it happen, hell no! Bob is what Bob is. He won't back down when he thinks he right. It's cost him dearly over the years and it will cost him again.

The man is stubborn as a mule. That stubborness has made him successful in coaching but it's hurt him in life many, many times.


Im a huge COACH Knight fan as well as jstreet. As a person this is classic Bobby. Other than guns being involved its hilarious!!! He could use a little more couth but that is straight up Bobby.


Bottom line, when you are hunting close to houses, if the owners object to your presence close to their homes, move down. I have been hit by shot while hunting doves. I get my gear and move further away. Not a good idea to argue when there are guns around.

WA Mtnhunter


His daddy should have whipped his little ass years ago. It probably took a lifetime to get that rude, so an early start might have been in order.

No doubt that Bob is one of the greatest basketball coaches - EVER. He would have been blackballed a long time ago if he weren't so good.

If that conversation had taken place at my property line, someone could have filmed a good ass kicking. It may have been mine getting kicked, but you would have paid to see a good one.

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