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November 30, 2007

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Connecticut May Fight Lyme With Longer Seasons

From the Yale Daily News:

In an effort to control the risk of Lyme disease. . . Georgina Scholl, research chair of the Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance, is lobbying the state to ease regulations on deer hunting. Scholl’s proposal, which was presented to Gov. M. Jodi Rell this week, urges legislators to lengthen the hunting season beyond mid-September, to the end of December, and to increase bag sizes — the number of deer that hunters can shoot in a season.

Sound like a good idea?



Sounds pretty drastic - I don't know. I do know that I am a bit worried now.

I killed a nice buck this last Saturday, and I am tanning the hide. It was covered with ticks. I have never seen so many on a deer, especially this late in the season. He was obviously staying in the thick shit til the rut got him shot. I hope there is no way to get lime disease from the meat?

Anyone know?


Tommy You have no chance of getting lymes from eating deer meat from a deer that had ticks. If you get lime disease which sounds bad I would treat with 3 shots of blackberry brandy each day for a week. The Blackberry brandy cures all in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Just joking :)


When I was just a pup, going into the woods in the summer meant seed ticks and chiggers!
My dad told me when he was about my age, there was a dipping vat near Alderbranch. The entire countryside would bring their animals in to run through the vat. Along with that, most old farmers would burn off their land in the spring. There were no "chicks and tiggers" on the land!
The USDA outlawed the dipping vats and the burn off "died off" with the old timers.
Bring back the dipping vats and the spring burnoffs!



As a resident of Connecticut, I'm not sure longer seasons are the answer. our bow seaon runs from Sept 15 until Dec 31. It goes to Jan 31 on private land in Fairfield County. Private landowners can hunt from Nov 15. until Dec 31 with rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader/bow. I think what can help is open up some of the current Archery only state properties to shotgun/muzzleloader. Right now on state lands, we have a split A/B season, each running 10 days for which you have to apply by lottery. I think if they make it easier to access some state lands with shotguns/muzzleloaders you will increase the deer kill.

As far as bag limts, on most of the state lands, you get 2 tags for each season, one doe, and one either or. During muzzleloader, you only get 1 tag for either or. On private lands in fairfield county, you can shoot as many deer as you want, as we have replacement doe tags. For every 3 does you bring in, you can get a replacement either or tag.


I wouldn't extend the season but I would make Sundays available for hunter as most people work during the week and only have the weekends to hunt. As a preliminary trial I would suggest offering Sunday hunts for Archers on private land. If all goes well I would then open Sundays for all weapons on Sundays. I would NOT suggest doing this on public land because it would limit other non-hunters from using the trails to jog, bike and geocache.

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