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October 01, 2007

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Update: Court Invalidates New Jersey Bear Hunt Plan

Here’s the latest in New Jersey’s ongoing push to politicize hunting and strip outdoorsmen of their rights.



I've got hundreds of questions! Not enough room here, so I'll just pose these few:

1.How many times have non-lethal methods succeeded/failed?

2.Who put Ms. Jackson in a position where one person can push aside a council of nine backed with fact and logic and institute "her" own "logic"?

3.Are councils not in place to "help" gov't officials make "informed" decisions?

4.On what fact/logic is she basing her decision?

5.I would like to ask Ms. Jackson, "What fact and/or logic did you use to cancel hunt? ....or was it just "emotion"?

6.Is it true that you are using your political "clout" instead of fact and logic that makes you say.... "the council "must" come up with a plan "I" (she) can approve"?

If any of the above make sense, why not have FEMA order a mandatory evacuation of New Jersey and just let the bears have it back!!!



As long as we can evacuate them to a state besides NC - PLEASE!


I agree with the Commission - bear hunting should be allowed. Jackson is just plain wrong.

But - according to the story, it sounds like the Commission, desiring to allow bear hunting, did not follow the rules in establishing the rules for bear hunting this year. If the Commission made a mistake, then the action that results from that mistake should be invalidated.

I expect they will pay attention in 2008, dotting all the i's and crossing the t's.


Okay, the commission made a mistake!
What was the mistake?
We are all human and we make mistakes!
Why weren't the mistakes corrected so the hunt could be held?
Were minor mistakes used to invalidate the hunt or was it a glaring mistake? (council said "...one EACH season" instead of "one PER season" or a season limit was omitted?)


Blue Ox

I'd give anything to see the look on Ms.Jackson's face when she wakes up and finds a bear in her room munching on her leg. Hell, I'll hold the door open for him...


She probably lives in a gated community and has her house staff use only "approved, bear proof, trash cans!"
She will NOT be impressed until she is actually faced with a p---ed momma bear, clawing her way through the cloth roof of her 2-seater Benz in the comfort of her five car garage!


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