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October 23, 2007

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New Hampshire Man Traps 93-Pound Beaver

From The Eagle Tribune:


When Dan Siudut got a call from a neighbor about an animal that kept chewing through her electric fence, he didn’t know he was going after one of the largest beavers ever trapped in the country.

The average beaver weighs about 45 pounds. When Siudut, a licensed wildlife control operator, went to check the traps he’d set in his neighbor’s backyard pond, he was astonished by the size of his catch — two beavers, one weighing a whopping 93 pounds, the second at a hefty 60 pounds.


Chris H.

That's a HUGE beaver!!

Blue Ox

How could you NOT poke fun at this?

John B. Horton

That is amazing! I thought my friends and I had taken the record. We ran over a 73lb beaver eating in an alfalfa field at night in central Oklahoma a few years ago.I wish now we had take it to get mounted. Cool story

Brucie Boy

Sweet Maria! What kind of trees did that thing eat? Does New Hampshire have old growth redwood forests?

Buck Slayer

Wow! Never heard of a beaver reaching 93lbs!!!

Jedidiah Smith

They say there were bigger but to proof or pictures.

Jedidiah Smith

They say there were bigger but to proof or pictures.


Thats an effing Huge Beaver!

Timmy Dunn

Wow, nice beaver...


I have NOTHING for that beaver.....


I am a beaver control trapper in North Carolina and the biggest beavers I have caught were 72 and 73lbs. 93lbs wow.


How many beaver does it that to make a coat? ONE....

Lamar Valley

If there was a trapping golden globe award, this would be the winner!

Yup, HUGE BEAVER make up your own jokes!!!!

Stevie Niavie

This is definately trick photography. Look how much closer to the camera the beaver is than the man is. The closer to the camera the bigger the object appears. Saw the same thing done with a snake, and seaveral years ago a fish. A man-sized bass. Made the front page of the local paper. It was a couple buddies of mine. They showed me how they did it. Fooled the paper, though.


So...can you eat beaver?

Colter's Hell

The article said that the 30 year veteran of the fish and game said it was the biggest one he new of.


Wow! We trapped one last year weighing in at 76 lbs and that made my flatbottom squat haha


Just a beast!

whit from VT.

YEA right and how old was it?


taylor sucks


I have seen some big beavers before, but that one is huge.

Kirt Camera

ummmm. we need to see a photo of the guy standing NEXT to the beaver, not 4 feet behind it.
Sheeesh. just makes is suspicious. I bet it ain't 93 lbs. where is the proof?? nope don't see any.


This is a huge beaver!

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