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October 24, 2007

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Maryland Governor Backs Bear Hunt

Anyone who’s been following this blog—or any other outdoor news outlet—knows all the gory details surrounding the demise of New Jersey’s black bear season. More recently, anti-hunting interests had set their sights on Maryland’s bruin hunt. But to no avail. Despite heavy pressure from The Humane Society of the United States—including a full-page ad in The Baltimore Sun—Gov. Martin O’Malley, a democrat, has told the antis, in the words of Cumberland Times-News columnist Michael A. Sawyers, to pound sand.

“So, thank you Governor O’Malley,” writes Sawyers, “for being a stand-up guy, for not dealing with the bear hunt in a political way, but in a scientific way.”



Thought they finally got the hunt passed in New Jersey? Glad to see one state finally stand up and say, emphatically, "NO!" to the ARP's!
You go Maryland, I'll be hoping for a 100% success rate! (okay, 85/90%!)



Evan V

Yeah I saw the protesters on the news the other day, it was only about 20 protesters with crappy posters and a megaphone. I'm glad, black bear populations need to be controlled. Individual bear control costs more than a hunt.
-Evan(from maryland)


It's sad that states can actually have hunting seasons shut down by anti-hunters that's like having vegetarians force grocery stores to not sell meat - it's just ridiculous. I was bear hunting in NY last week with my bow, but never saw a bear, just tons of sign. I'm hoping to bag a bruin when I'm back in bear country in a few weeks.


It's great to see an elected official stand up for allowing hunters to control game populations. I'm new to Bear Hunting. My question is: When is the Black Bears mating season in the California area? Black Bears are increasing in numbers in the central foothills and so are the people. This makes for trouble because the Bears are not afraid of humans like they should be. Like the Deer population, the Bears are living here in spite of us. I've been hunting the same area for 50+ years and this is the first year I've hunted Black Bear. They, like the Mountain Lion, are just too numerous to ignore any longer. If someone can answer my question on the mating season it would be helpful. Thanks, BA.

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