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October 31, 2007

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Discussion Update: Prof. Teaches Concealed-Carry Class

Here’s the latest, from KSL Newsradio:
Events on Tuesday will commemorate the six-month anniversary of an incident that shocked the nation. A student at Virginia Tech systematically gunned down students and teachers, killing 32.

At one university in Utah that incident is being used to justify a push for more concealed weapons.
Some professors are packing heat and maybe some students too. A class in Weber State University's Continuing Education Program is specifically aimed at getting people on and off campus to carry guns.

Classroom instructions are given by a professor of anthropology, who doubles as a concealed weapons instructor. Ron Holt says, "I see carrying a concealed weapon as a kind of life insurance policy: 99.99 times you'll never need it, but if you ever do need it, you'll probably really need it."



I applaud this. This is how we should front-load a situation like firearms on campus - with intelligent, thoughtful education.
Great stuff.

Blue Ox

Lookie here! A school with some balls! It's about time. And carrying a firearm is more of an insurance policy than the anti's will ever know.


I love it! Responsible educated people taking their own destiny in their own hands!! Watch out Big Brother somebody is knocking.


How long will it take the leadership of this University to back down to the media pressure and pressure from the state's leaders who will be shown to have no balls in this situation?

I like the idea of trained individuals on campus carrying their firearms, but the Politically correct crowd won't, and I'll bet you a dollar the PC crowd wins this one.


Probably wont take them long. They dont need to advertise the fact they are carrying, They shoot dead a couple of those idiots shootin up schools it will stop.

Chris H.

I've said this before but I'd rather carry a gun everyday for 50 years and not need than need it one day and not have it!!

r napolitano

Obviously he is not in New York, the liberals would have his job and put him in jail for gross PC incorrectness. In NY the rule of humb is tht only felons get to carry, because they dont care about the law. But then that is why we call them criminals, something the liberal politicians never could understand. In New York a carry permit is limited to the wealthy who can afford the lawyers to fight the system.


Hey, We're talking about Utah here, some strange things in that state- lived there for a while-but they take the 2nd amendment serious.

Blue Ox

I agree with Chris. The day you're not carrying a gun is the day Murphy shows up and you'll wish you had.

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