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October 30, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Bilingual Posted Signs

From WBAY 2 News:
Racial tensions and communication barriers between white and Hmong hunters have led to seven hunter deaths in Wisconsin over the past three years.

[Now], state officials, conservation groups, and Hmong leaders are working to bring harmony to the woods this fall. A Waupaca County man is also joining in those efforts. . . . His solution was to make No Trespassing and Private Property signs in both English and Hmong. A Hmong coworker helped Humbert with the translation.

"People are understanding that I'm not out to make a quick buck, I'm not out to be racist or discriminative toward any race. I'm out there to help bridge the communication barrier or that gap," [Eric Humbert] says.

Check out the full story and tell us your reaction.


Good one Tommy, I too have learned some Spanish because I want too. Also if I were to move to Mex. I would try to become fluent for the simple fact to show my respect for the country that took me in. I expect the same for people coming to my country!!!!!


Last comment was me, sorry left my name off.

Thanks Greg,

I agree fully. Where have you been?


Got blown up by lightning, just getting back up.


I live on the S.Texas Gulf Coast,an area inundated with Mexicans and Vietnamese.I have much respect for those who come here to be Americans,but that it not the majority of them.They speak their own language,they keep their money in their own community,and in general give nothing back to the community except crime and a draw on welfare.As Americans we ARE being invaded,and never in the history of this country have we kissed minority ass like we are now.



Lightning? What? You get struck or are you kidding me?


Your computer! I got it as soon as I posted!

Any good hunting?


That was me.

mike crandall

y'all think you have problems with illegals? try living in florida. us lonely country boys are the minoritys with all the cubans, mexacans, yankees, etc
i need to take spanish in high school just to understand the conversations down here


So, ummmm, yeah, I take it that none of you have even considered WHY we have a significant Hmong population here in the first place? They must have snuck in illegally to take advantage of the land of opportunity and give nothing in return! Or not. The vast majority came here LEGALLY under various refugee acts following Vietnam, having fought on our side. Why didn't they learn English before coming? Kind of hard to do when you're fleeing for your life in a refugee boat or worse. Assimilate! You bet, and most of them are (I say this having lived in two cities whose Hmong populations are among the largest in the U.S.), especially in my generation. Was Chai Vang a terrible person? Definitely. But this story is about trying to communicate with fellow hunters, and NOT about illegal immigration.


Let's hear it for Greg!!!! Sanity.
Compassion. It's so discouraging to see so many childish complaints coming from the hunting community.


Just shoot, shovel, and shut up...... PROBLEM SOLVED

don mitchell

clovisi just love your "tude" man,thats the way i feel also. don

don mitchell

hay zack,great post, don

don mitchell

the war in nam ended some25 - 30 years ago, so if they cant speak english by now,its because they dont want to.to hell with them ,send em all back. don

Kathy N

All these city and government officials stumbling over themselves trying to be politically correct! There has to he bux involved somewhere down the line for this much attention. I know for a FACT that businessmen around the globe pride themselves in learning English....the LANGUAGE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY! You'e pretty sad if you need a Spanish word printed on a red stop sign, don't you think??


I played with a 3 dimensional contrast photo editor and interesting...it is not a bear, it is something that has creases in the back of it's costume around it's knee's. Nice work!!!

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