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October 24, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Students Launch Empty Holster Protest

Evanpeck01From The Columbus Dispatch:

It's what Evan Peck didn't carry around the Ohio State campus that he wanted people to notice yesterday.

Peck, 21, walked to his classes wearing an empty gun holster on his waist.

"You can carry (a gun) in several places, but Ohio prohibits you from carrying at a university or college. . . . But this campus is the one place where I spend the most of my time, and I should be able to protect myself."

This week, students across the country . . . are wearing empty holsters to spark conversations about concealed-carry rules. . . . About 5,000 people are expected to have joined the protest by the end of the week. . . .

Check out the full story and tell us your reaction.




Stand up for your rights kids!


Mike Diehl

People Power indeed! Right on!


As shooters age it's time for the younger people to take over the fight.

Will it do any good? Who knows, but @ least the effort is there.



Been trying to find a place to "blog" this news item and it sounds as if this might be just as good a place as any:

Lawton, Oklahoma
Home of Lauren Nelson, the reigning Miss America!

Thief confronted by armed homeowner and instructed, "Don't move!"
Thief moved!
Homeowner fired!
Thief neutralized; permanently!

Article in Lawton Constitution of 10-24-07, front page!


Nathan R

Seems crazy that we even have to fight for a right guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution. Like him or not, Ted Nuggent has it correct...."the 2nd amendment is my CCL." Nice job guys.


From the article:

"Rick Amweg, Ohio State's assistant police chief, said he understands the protest.

"But I think it's best that we have trained law-enforcement officers as the only ones armed on campus," he said."

Well Chief Amweg, I think it's best that you drop the arrogant and elitist attitude that only trained law-enforcement officers are qualified to carry a firearm on a college campus. It is insulting and the research does not support your position.


HORAH!!!!!!Being an MSU Spartan it is VERY hard to to say ANYTHING nice about them poisonous nuts in Columbus....

GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!! Keep up the good fight!


Right on my brother...it IS very insulting and has been proven WRONG...Police are mere humans (citizens) and deserve NO special privilage. Same goes for judges, elitist snobs, former military, military.

the right of the PEOPLE

How many more schools need to be shot up, how many more kids must die before the powers that be acknowledge the facts that guns in the hands of law abiding CITIZENS stops crime.........it doesnt create it.

r napolitano

Police dont prevent crimes, they just clean up the mess that they create. Criminals dont obey the laws, that is why they are criminals. CCL is the only way to protect yourself, if you are willing. If your not, no one is telling you that you must carry, but then you are just making it easier for the bad guys to target you. Good gun control is the ability to hit the target, not the nonsense that we have in New York, where citizens are denied the right to protect themselves but every street thug has a gun and is plea pardon down and they run the streets.

Matt Mallery

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Brucie Boy

Finally, a college protest I can get behind. Maybe the citizens of New York City and Washington DC should take note.


Let me pose this question, if a College is not a public college and hence private property- should they be allowed to dictate if firearms are allowed on their private property? This is where things get tricky. If it is indeed private property they should be able to regulate what a person can and can't have on them on their own premises because it is their own. This is where I find a problem of the jump on the bandwagon everyone should be able to have a gun on campus. If this does happen then it infringes on rights associated with private ownership of property. I think the bigger battle is if you own it privately you should be well within your rights to say what you can and can't do on your own property. So, in the interest of preserving what is mine I have to say if it's private property a school can make the rules everyone has to abide by. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.


Watch out William, even though you just made a valid private property arguement, you are all but certain to be called a commie.

You have just questioned the omnipotent NRA's talking point of the week.


Gary- communists want to get rid of private property and have a collective property. I want to protect my private property because it is mine and I tend it, make improvements on it and most importantly pay for it. I think you got my point but if someone calls me a commie for wanting to protect my right to private property and my personal freedoms on my property I would have to tell them to go back to post 90's Russia.


I meant pre-90s Soviet Union. I realize how dumb that came out.


OSU is public....State funded....as are other "state" schools i.e. Michigan State, Penn State etc.


If we all get up in arms and start screaming for these kids to carry guns everywhere on school campuses...the first freaking time there is an incident of ''friendly fire''...it will all have been a total failure. The media will have a field-day. As will all the anti-gun politicians. All gun carrying students and civilians will be looked at as ''unqualified for the situation they were in'', and that will ultimately work against those of us that want to keep our guns.

I would also say it would be an incredibly sad day when we actually think, and validate the NEED for guns on our children's school grounds, and in their hands to boot.

That will say wonders about what we as parents, citizens of this country and leaders have done to this idea of freedom.


Go on off to school now Johnny,

Don't forget your breakfa....
wait I meant your steel.


We cry for our kids to carry guns to school - we unknowingly scream at the world of our incompetence.


I want to clarify that I would not deny anyone the ability to protect themselves - and if it truly becomes necessary to ''pack'' on campus for our young men and women, I would not deny them that right.

I just think it is a knee-jerk reaction to VT and it is another over-reaction due to fear that will bite us in the arse alot quicker than anyone thinks.

Blue Ox

How soon till we see kevlar vests in the school supplies aisle?


Posted by: Mike | October 25, 2007 at 06:19 AM

"If we all get up in arms and start screaming for these kids to carry guns everywhere on school campuses...the first freaking time there is an incident of ''friendly fire''...it will all have been a total failure....... I would also say it would be an incredibly sad day when we actually think, and validate the NEED for guns on our children's school grounds, and in their hands to boot.........."

1) The average age of a college student is also that of our soldiers fighting worldwide and protecting the home front.

2) It is a sad day when "defenseless" students are gunned down, stalked and raped on campuses

3) The media will continue its attack on all but the 1st ammendment until it to falls!


Also valid points Mike.

I do not deny the facts of the world we live in.

Just trying to slow down the advance of mistakes.

Trent M.

I wish I still attended my small private indiana ULTRA LIBERAL college, i would be on this like white on rice.

BTW...i dont care if it is private property or not. My dorm room is MINE, and if I can walk around on other private property (i.e. stores) i damn well can do it where i am paying 20K a year to be.

I love it. I just wish I were still in school to fight this battle...


It's not a matter of wanting everyone to carry, IT IS a matter of allowing those that WANT to carry to have the ABILITY to carry.



UMMMMM..... sorry to point out the obvious.....but the time for us to arm our "children"(young men and women over 18) was FORCED upon us by insane people that arbitrarily kill folk for little or no reason and/or laws and rules that obviously DO NOT work(other than to leave our "kids" defenseless) or are NOT enforced BECAUSE bleeding heart idiots want to persecute those of us that quietly carry and HAVE for many years.

No knee jerk reaction at all........but a wise answer to a growing and disturbing trend.

As we have seen with high crime states/areas (FL comes to mind) introduce CCW to the law abiding folk and crime DROPS dramatically.

Sorry to have stated these pasky FACTS.


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