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October 26, 2007

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Another Elk Hunter Kills Charging Grizzly

As some western sportsmen eagerly await a hunting season for recently delisted grizzly bears, others are getting their opportunity early—but not in a way anyone would want. Late Tuesday morning, yet another elk hunter had to protect himself against a charging griz, with deadly results.

From Montana’s Great Falls Tribune:

Carl Haggar of East Glacier was hunting elk [in Lewis and Clark National Forest] when he encountered the 350-pound female and a cub-of-the-year . . . . The [sow] charged Haggar at 20 feet. At eight feet, Haggar fired one shot which struck the bear in the head and killed it instantly.



It's a shame that a sow with a cub had to be killed, but I'm much rather read about a dead bear than a dead or severly mauled hunter.


This hack/hunter managaed to get within 20 feet of two grizzlies, couldn't take the low road and avoid or scare em off, there's 6+ billion of us supposedly intelligents beings on this planet and an alarmingly short supply of these great predators-I question his actions and motivations!!!


Zack you obviously have never been Elk hunting, nor do you know squat about grizzlies. The hack/hunter as you labeled him, didn't go out looking for a grizzly, nor would any reasonable person say that he (meaning the hunter) got within 20 feet of the grizzly, it was most certainly the other way around! If you really knew anything about grizzlies in general, you would know that a female grizzly often has to chase male grizzlies away from her young, and it is with that type of death defying determination that they attack any person unlucky enough to cross paths with them and their cub(s). Within the last few days, one hunter used pepper spray to turn a charging sow grizzly around, only to have her decide she wanted a second shot at him, and the hunter was wisely equipped with a firearm to stop the second charge. I would pay to see a video of how you would handle a charging sow grizzly Zack!

Blue Ox

.454 Casull. 'nuff said.


Um, I think you mean jake, I put the first post up there, but I agree with you, just don't shoot me! Thanks, Zack


I have to say this does seem a bit fishy.

He shot the charging grizzly in the head with one shot - dead.
So he is either very lucky or very good.
Then it was right near an elk carcass. Once again - fishy - no smell, no birds, no idea a griz was in the area?

I would say from reading the article, and not being at the scene, like that would help me, better stated not being able to investigate the scene like a CSI;
woods style, this sounds like he is lying.

I said SOUNDS LIKE, I am not saying he is a liar, it just seems made up.


the woods that he shot the bear in is pretty damn thick. you could probably be ten feet away from one and just walk right passed it, but if you get in between a sow and her cubs shes guna get pissed off and charge you. its very reasonable that he just walked up on her. its happened about four or five times already this hunting season, just in montana... if you dont know what ur talking about dont post it.


Hey jon,

He got'em in the head in that thick stuff huh?

One shot?

Look lassie, I wasn't accusing the guy of anything, I just said it sounded fishy.

So the ''dont post anything if you dont know what yer talking about'', can go right back at you there sparky.


Sounds fishy?

If the guy that shot this bear was out looking to shoot a bear then he was poaching and knew exactly what he was doing. He damn sure wouldn't call the fish and game dept and then report it in the paper. He would have taken the bear and done whatever it is that poachers do with poached bears.

Is there anyone reading these posts that wouldn't shoot a charging grizzly?


The comments about running, avoiding, and scaring them off are all fine and dandy, but when a person is between a sow and her cub, she is gonna charge and by that time it's too late to run. I think that it's unfortunate that a grizzly had to die, but a few dead bears is not going to be the end of a species. If i was in his place i would do the same thing.
My two cents...

matt pfohl

De-listed , do you know what that means ? Not endangerd anymore! There is going to be a season on them this year.

All I know is , if it's between me getting mauled or killed & the bear ? Sorry about the bear's luck!!!


Look guys and Zack,

Of course shoot a charging whatever if you feel threatened!

But I just thought a head shot was pretty darn lucky. Maybe the guy called it in cause he got worried about getting it out for some reason. I don't know. But if a large carnivore was running at me, I would be picking a spot dead center in the chest for the one shot I MIGHT get. To aim at the head of a charging griz in cover would be about impossible I would think.

Just my 2 cts.


Maybe he did get lucky and hit the thing in the head charging - who knows.

Maybe he shot it poaching style and got nervous - thought about what he had done and tried to right it.

Good god we know nobody has ever done that!


Hey Tommy

If you neck shoot deer, why can't someone else head shoot a bear?!
You "aim" a handgun by pointing it like a finger. You'd be surprised just how accurate some folks can be! I can't hit a bull in the a-- with a handgun without using sights and aiming. Have several friends that are extremely accurate with the point and shoot scheme!
Not lucky or fishy, I'd say; "Well prepared!"




Remember, I just said, ''it sounds fishy'', I never condemned the gent, nor did I say you can't head shoot a bear. I was just pointing out the odds my friend.

Thats all.


Oh and Bubba,

Not to argue...seriously no one on this thread knows whether or not this is legit...but...since you mentioned the neck shot...the deer I have shot in the neck were not charging me, I had a bit more time to take the shot, and I wasn't pissing myself before I let the shot go!!


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