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September 28, 2007

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What Do You Think Of Giuliani's Position On Gun Control?

From the Associated Press:

Rudy Giuliani . . . said Tuesday the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a recent court ruling framed his current defense of a right to own guns.

"You have to look at all of these issues in light of the different concerns that now exist, which is terrorism, the terrorists' war on us," the Republican presidential contender told The Associated Press in an interview. He also mentioned immigration and border security.

He said his thinking on gun rights also was influenced by a federal appeals court decision that overturned a 30-year-old ban on private ownership of handguns in Washington on the grounds that the Constitution gives individual citizens the right to own guns.

"It is a very, very strong description of how important personal liberties are in this country and how we have to respect them," he said of the ruling, adding it "sort of maybe even did more to crystalize my thinking on the whole gun issue in light of Sept. 11."

"I think, after Sept. 11 — I mean I probably would have had the same impression before, I'm not sure — but after Sept. 11, all that seemed much more powerful to me," Giuliani said.




Excuse me for being cynical, but it seems ironic that his stance on gun control took a 180 degree turn right around the same time he went from running for New York mayor to positioning himself as a Republican presidential candidate. This seems to me to be a classic example of a politician changing thier supposed personal stances to make themselves as electable as possible.


His shift is concerning but at least it's the correct way and now on the record. I don't like to frame the 2nd amendment in terms of sporting purposes. When a politician puts on orange pants and borrows a 20GA to go walk in a field in order to appeal to gun owners I see nothing but false pandering. At least Giuliani's shift is in regards to the defensive use of of firearms.


If you buy this, and vote on it...

Then you got what you deserved.

Poli - from the Latin meaning "many"

Tics - small, bloodsucking arthropods.

Trust them as far as you can drop them.

Trent M.

Don't fall for it...

this is classic political positioning...during the primary every candidate is running the edge of the political spectrum to make themselves look as "left" or "right" as possible for the bases so they can get the nomination. Then, once they have it, you will seem them running back towards the middle to try to pick up those "swing" voters that really decide the election.

Duh...can't you all see that?


One positive we can take from this:



I know politicians are rats, but they are here now. So if any want us to keep our guns, they are better then the rest.


Brian and Tommy do make good points above. I am still not buying into Rudy. He is just an unctuous (oily) politician who will say what his handlers tell him to say.
As my son (currently Serving in Iraq) would say: Guiliani would be a Democrat in about 46 states. He still favors government solutions to all our ills. Big government adds up to higher taxes, fewer personal freedoms and devaluation of individual initiative.
So NO! Rudy is not a convincing poster boy for Family Values or our Second Amendment Rights!
Still leaning toward Ron Paul.


Rudy is a gun control freak. He cheated on his former wife with his present wife, and like every other politician, he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

And you wonder if I believe him?

Oh Yeah, I can't wait to vote for Rudy!

I can hear the chant now:


He'll get my vote when hell freezes over. The only difference between him and Hillary is Rudy is more ladylike.


Rudy is more ladylike. That is freaking classic.

r napolitano

As a former citizen of NYC I can honestly say that his record on firearms for the law abiding citizen is abysmal. The rules and regulations for a firearm permit, hand guns and long guns are ridiculus and onerus. Fees upon fees, rule upon regulations all designed to inhibit 2nd ammendment rights of the law abiding citizen, yet every felon had an illegal firearm and nothing was done. An Bloomberg, Schumer et al. are even worse. They are no friend to the 2nd ammendment and will never change their views, all statements to the otherwise. He and the rest of the politicos are pandering slime. At least Hillary admits what she is, disgusting as it is. Once a liberal, always a liberal, and BTW what is Barbara Striesand still doing in the US. I thought she threatened to leave, twice, if Bush was elected and then re-elected, and she can take Hanoi Jane with her.


If you look at what he's saying yes he is concerned but so is Chaney. Wait Chaney ain't the best example he has lobbied against private gun owners for year but turns around all the sudden and is for them. What I see is political covering of ones backside. So don't believe he is trying to help us, believe he is helping himself.

Walt Smith

Believe it or not Rudy is no different than Hillary or Bloomburg they're all in cahoots,each picking a different party to run in but with one thing in mind, whoever wins the others are on their staff including Schumer. Mark my word, thats what is happening. Open your eyes and you will see it too.


I do see that but most people don't and thats why I say what I do. I see how they cover each other and make sure no matter what they all win in the end cause they get what they want. The main thing is most politicians don't want private gun owners and they never will. But they understand that if they can trick gun owners they can win.

Matt Mallery

Everyone gets more pro gun around election time. Even liberal democrats will avoid talking about the issue until after they are elected. Rudy, I ain't buying it. I don't want a candidate who is sort of pro gun and just became so recently. I want a gun owner and staunch 2nd amendment supporter who proudly declares his or her support for my rights.


Pro Constitution and Bill of rights = MY VOTE!!

Socialist/commie pigs (read liberal democrat or republican = NO VOTE!! or at least a vote of NO CONFIDENCE!!


Hey Rudy - want some syrup with those waffles? Sheeeez.

All he is doing is moving to the political right to get the primary vote. Should he win, he, like all the others, will move back to his historical position.

His statement quoted above is far from a sterling endorsement of the 2nd amendment.

Mike Diehl

Yeah but there's a problem here.

Full disclosure. I tend to vote for the Dem nominee but, having no use for the frontrunners in the Dem party, won't be voting for Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama in 2008.

That leaves WHAT exactly?

Who among the GOP front-runners is actually going to make "respect for civil rights" like firearms ownership, habeas corpus, &c, a priority? It does not seem like ANY of the major political parties give two toots on a birdwhistle about respecting citizens' autonomy.

So if Giuliani is the nominee, isn't he still a better choice than Clinton?


Maybe the best point so far in this blog.


That being Mike's.


Do you Know how hard it is to buy a gun, or ammo in NYC? Rudy knows because he made it almost imposible to buy a hand gun there. He's two faced. Big brother!


Of course he's pandering. He's a politician. But could you imagine Hillary ever saying the same thing?

When considering Guiliani's remarks, it's important to remember that he didn't create the harsh and restrictive gun control laws in The Big Bad Apple. He inherited them. At least he's acknowledging his recent edification without getting smarmy about it.

He's not my favorite candidate (where's Pat Paulsen?) but at least he's exhibiting a functioning brain. Except when his cell phone rings.

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