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September 25, 2007

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NRA Alert: Wisconsin Bill Sees Animal Abuse As Domestic Violence

From an NRA press release:

Senate Bill 162 . . . would make “harm or threat of harm” to an animal a form of domestic abuse. In Wisconsin, being charged with domestic abuse means losing the ability to purchase or possess firearms.

The absurdity of SB 162 is that it not only equates animals to humans, but also does not define what “harm or threat of harm” is. Animal “rights” extremists could argue that the training of hunting dogs or everyday treatment of dairy cattle constitutes abuse.

Click here to contact members of the state Senate Committee of Judiciary and Corrections.



Greg, Sage Sam, MM; Kudo's guys!
Never thought of myself as a "tree-hugger", but if it's someone truly concerned with not seeing a property denuded of all flora and turned into home sites and strip malls, count me in!
Where do you stand on all the climate bro-ha! Am I wrong or has the planet we occupy already gone into and out of an Ice Age while our fetid ancestors where still chasing mastadons with rocks and sticks? And if the ice cap hasn't already melted and flooded lots of stuff earlier, guess those sea shell fossils I've found hundreds of miles inland were relocated there by Fred F. and Barney R.!
Check into the Permian Basin in west Texas. I suppose all that organic matter was deposited under a terradactyl roost!


Re: "I seriously doubt anyone will try to institute legislation to ban farming of cows and pigs. Furthermore I regret it is even written. My intelligence is insulted. I would like to think all those that will post after this will leave the peta comments out.
Either you want to punish sick, abusive people or you do not. If certain lawsuits come into play later - debate them later."

First: Peta has spoken out against all farming and has instituted numerous actions to cripple it just as they do any animal use.

Next: Bad laws result in lawsuits. Inviting bad laws and proclaiming let the lawsuits come later is asking our legislators to not do their jobs properly and lay the burden of cleaning up their mess with private funds.

Punishing sick abusive people would then include those that take away ligitimate rights and freedoms in the name of hopefully stopping bad people.

All of which insults my intellegnece!!!


Mike O

Re: "One other thing I would say. I am not in favor of this bill.

But if I were to see someone hit an animal or a person in the head with a bat. They would be hard pressed to escape anything less from me."

Are you not anti hunting but possibly anti trapping, and anti "other swift and thus humane animal kill methods?"

A bat or a bullet the animal doesn't know or feel the difference. Be careful which can of worms you open since a bat could be judged much more humane than say an arrow or a hook and fillet knife.

Best Regards

Mike O


Mike O.

It is the intention behind the blow, not whether it is humane or not my friend. Your point is not logical. If you hit or kick or shoot an animal out of anger, who cares if it is humane or not? It is wrong.


Also an arrow or bullet are legal means to take an animal for a useful purpose.


Animals are not equal to humans; we can argue this from a biblical perspective, or a biological perspective. It does not mean we should be able to beat or kill an animal just because we think it is fun or we are mad (that is part of being superior to animals we can chose not to harm them) and I am certainly not saying that is ok. But do not get caught up in thinking real life is like a Disney movie. Animals can not speak and do not deserve the same status as humans. This push to make animals humans equals needs to stop it is just plain absurd.

Just ask yourself where this all stops if one kind of killing or even talking is threatening then what stops them from taking away what you love? Why are we not allowed to be part of food chain? We have been for as long as we have been on this planet (either placed here by god (and given dominion over all things) or when we evolved into the most dominate species on the planet (and part of the natural order of things which includes killing) you decide which one applies to you.)


I spoke nothing of Disney.
I am not Catholic - so I do not view animals as ''beasts''.
I view them as something that should be respected and in some cases eaten.

I am in full support of any legislation that would severley punish anyone who unnecessarily abuses animals or people. I care not for any biblical or biological perspectives. You guys can sort out all the intricacies where someone is trying to steal your hunting. I AM NOT! And I do not think that is what this is about.

And AGAIN! All legislation is debated and trimmed.


I do however find it interesting that you, (Joshua), say animals do not deserve the same treatment as humans because they do not speak. Speak huh? You mean English or Spanish. Or do you mean elvish? I think the fact that you do not give them the same respect because they do not speak is exactly your problem.


I suppose if they could speak English they may be able to persuade some idiots not to beat them because they had a bad day. Or to shoot them from their car; just because. I suppose if they could speak English they may be able to manipulate, lie, degrade, exhibit prejudice or display any other assortment of human qualities animals seem to lack.


One last thing. I have never been wronged by an animal - in any way, shape or form. I have never sensed jealousy or resentment. I have never been attacked - just because. I have never sensed that an animal cared what my job title was, or if I was a religious person, or how much money I made or even who I voted for. They don't tell me how to live my life or how much money I can have out of the money I earn. They don't understand envy or arrogance, pride or prejudice.

I have, however, been wronged by most humans I have met in my time.

It is an unfortunate truth.




Lots of roofers and landscapers and fruit pickers don't speak english and they lie and degrade people and manipulate,steal and are prejudiced. We can't abuse them either, but maybe we should?

don mitchell

zack,i could not have said it any beter. as for tommy, if yoy have been misstreated by so many,maybe you should take along hard look at your self!


I'm going to make everyone a promise, right now.
If I'm ever on stand and a deer walks up and says, "Good morning!", I WON'T SHOOT THAT ONE!



To Don,

Sir it is not that I have been treated that badly by so many. I never gave numbers sir. I was simply meaning that nothing is perfect. I know this. I know it takes two to tango and two to disagree. I was trying to show that I believe there is a fundamental difference between humans and animals I think alot of people do not recognize. That difference should make us respect animals that much more.


Also Don,

I guess I should take a long look at myself because I got laid off two months ago, along with one other individual, doors shut - 2 days notice. We were there for three years and that got us 2 days notice. I probably should take a hard look at why I was robbed at gun point at 16, at my first job, Little Caesar's Pizza. I probably need to figure out why my parents divorced after 16 years of marriage and that it was destroyed because my father was traumatized by his time in Nam. I could go on and on about things that affected me that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH. But so can everyone else sir, I realize that. Take a look at yourself if you want to throw that crap around.



Now read the above posts again and I hope you will see a different picture.


Guys come on I think we are basically on th same side. Lets stick together. Divided we "WILL" fall. Life sucks Tommy. It is what we make of it. I feel for you. I havent worked for over a year due to a severe knee injury.Dont know if i will ever hunt again? We all have our trials.Lets put our personal diffs aside on this issue and come together. Im not looking for sympathy or empathy!Infighting among us wont do our cause any good.


I agree Greg.


Here we go again they are using loose terms with no exact words. So now they can say whatever they want if you kill an animal and it takes a little longer to die (god forbid) they can call that abuse and keep you from hunting ever again. I know someone is saying oh that ain't true but look at how they word it (really take a long look). they almost say that hunting is a form of abuse. These so called animal rights people really can't call themselves that cause an animal has really no rights and never asked for some one to give it to them. I know I seem like an ass but really I'm not I just believe that we have to be more careful.


Not an ass Jeremy - just not truly honest with yourself. I am no animal rights activist. But I do not think because an animal cannot articulate itself, and ''ask for rights'', as you put it, it should be denied respect. Think about it.

PETA are wackjobs - no doubt.
But I still give animals respect.
Those I harvest/kill, and all others.


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