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September 26, 2007

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“No Dumping” in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park rangers are giving new meaning to “No Dumping,” as they encourage visitors to carry out everything they carry in—and we’re talking everything. What you might otherwise deposit and leave under a rock (with several squares of toilet paper), you are now asked to tote home. More bluntly, rangers want you to bag that B.M. And for your convenience, they’re providing the bag. Read all about it here.



At a ridge called Lumpy,
they want no dumpy.

So with bag on the ground
they say: "Drop a pound"
so they no have to be grumpy.

Matt Mallery

This is yet another symptom of an overpopulated nation. If we had 100 million people here, this would not be an issue, because fewer people would be going to the National Park. But as our population grows, so does the number of visitors, thus more regulations are needed.

tim romano

bravo, It's about time!


that's garbage.


I'd like to nominate Matt Mallery to be the first of the 200 million people he would like to have removed from our population. You can even choose how to remove yourself.
Then we won't have to read any more of your stupid crap.

Matt Mallery

Wow Zack. What an intelligent response to my comment. You really proved to everyone how wrong I am.

There is no need to remove anyone (other than illegal aliens). Rather, just use birth control and make a decision to not have more than two children. How's that.

The simple fact of the matter is that more people means less freedom, more environmental degredation, more hunger, more poverty, more disease, and more conflict. If you don't believe me, open a history book.


I agree with Matt. There are far to many people in the U.S., but actually (as far as birth control)the U.S. has it under control. Studies have shown that the only reason the population is still growing in the U.S. is because of illegal aliens. In fact as the education level of the majority of the population increases the number of babies born decreases. As Matt stated... Two kids is just right. Replaces mommy and daddy.

As far as more strict garbage control in National Parks...Hell Yeah. The tourists can hall their sh**** toilet paper out of the forest. How they will be able to patrol and enforce this I don't know. Maybe instead of giving them garbage bags there should be a push towards biodegradeable toilet paper.

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