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September 25, 2007

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Manufacturers Roll Out Pink Guns For Women

In this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, Jim Astle, owner of Jims Gun Supply in Baraboo, sums up the appeal of pink firearms: “Females want to shoot guns, but they want them to look pretty, too," Astle said. "Guys could give a rat's butt what their gun looks like." Check out the hot pink Crickett .22 here.



Walt Smith

Nice, all it's missing is the Strawberry Shortcake stickers. Makes you wonder how male hunting buddies will react when handed the gun so,"I can step over the fence" Will they look all around to see if anyones watching like they do at the mall when they're asked to "hold my purse for a minute"?? Hey, if it gets more women hunting then good deal.

Trae B.

im fine with it.unless they start making "hello kitty" guns and stuff.

Blue Ox

Just what Barbie needs. Her own gun.

Blue Ox

Next I wanna see the Barbie field dressing kit.


Here come the camo cover-ups.


The companies have sold most of the guns they can to old guys.

Now it's time to hit the ladies up for some cash.

If you look @ the hunting shows, more and more of them include the ladies, and I guarantee you I would rather watch Tiffany Lakosky shoot a deer that some fat, old red neck any day.

Sorry, no offense to fat, old red necks.


I can think of a local Trap and Skeet Club that might buy a few for its leagues to hand out to each week's losing team.

"O.K. guys, you shot like girls last week, so you have to use the pink shotguns this week."

That's an incentive to shoot well.


All kidding aside, if I were a woman I think I might find this insulting.

"Oh, looky @ the pink rifle, it goes so well with my finger nail polish."

Whatever genius came up with this idea is an idiot. I called my wife and asked her about this and she said that women would welcome guns that fit them better, not painted in "girly colors" that aren't any different in size.

What next, an apron in camo colors, or maybe designer bullets!

Evan V

Go ahead, buy pink guns. When you're wondering why you can't get close enough to shoot, you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Women is the largest growing segment of new hunters. Women want to do that and that is great.

I think that these companies are relizing that when take up hunting, they also don't want to give up their femininity at the same time. I am sure that more women related hunting items are in the works.

In the mean time I am sure Vera Wang is already starting her own camo patterns.


I doubt having a pink gun will effect the out come of most hunts. Most of the times while hunting where I live you have to have one if not two pieces of blaze orange on. If anything the bright pink gun goes better with that then a camo covered rifle. If I wanted something to blend in, with me at least, I need a blaze orange gun.
Also can we say much about a pink gun when we have blaze orange in our wardrobe?


Buck No.1
"See that Fred, that woman shot at you with a pink gun!"
Buck No.2
(no response!)
Buck No.1
"Hey Fred, get up and let's go!"
Buck No.2
(no response!)
Buck No.1
"I'm outta here! This is just too weird!"

I could care less if the ladies want to shoot a gun that's puce and magenta, teach them to shoot that puce and magenta eye-sore well. Color don't kill deer, bullet placement do!!!

I read an article recently that the writer was whining about T. LaKosky wearing pink Croc's to the range. WHO CARES WHAT'S ON HER FEET!!! She can shoot and she can kill deer!! Ever see the vehicle the Nuge goes out in?! Zebra stripes and a boom box on wheels!!!!



Wish I had a daughter OOOOOPS! did I say that out loud? Maybe my girlfriend, DAMN did it again! Seriously the purple/pink 10/22 in O.L. is pretty sharp but I'd have to hunt alone or fight.

Bill Wiley

My first grandchild is due tomorrow,a Girl. Just might have to find a pink .22

Dave M

It took me most of a day last year to find a proper Christmas present for my granddaughter last year. Thanks to Keystone Arms, this year I'll spend that day hunting! Ordered the pink laminated stock Chipmunk shown on their website. Much easier to accessorize, according to my daughter, than the pink synthetic shown here. What ever it takes to bring new shooters into the fold sounds great to me!

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman

As a female hunter - I just have to point out...you all do realize this is a child's size gun, right? If it gets a little girl excited to shoot, make it rainbow colors or whatever she wants!! I don't think you'd see a serious female hunter using a brightly colored gun in the woods though.

On another note, it's hilarious to hear Jim Astle say, "Guys could give a rat's butt what their gun looks like" because he does awesome custom painting and coating in all kinds of colors FOR MEN AND WOMEN!!


Saw the laminated model at a sports show in OKC 2 years ago. Guy beside me was whining, "That ain't right!!"
Pal with me brightened up, "S---- (his 8 yo daughter) would love that!" He bought it on the spot. Dave M., you'll love this! I kept it at my house 'til Christmas!!!
Dave M. is absolutely correct, "if it will bring new shooters into the fold..."



I think my girlfriend is gettin a new squirrel rifle for xmas. You know guys "Well if you dont want it can I use it?" I'll still have to hunt alone.1.2 inches at 1oo yards,.6 smallest. Idont care if its pink! LOL!


I am a 13 year old 'female' and to say in the least i am in aw that they make pink guns now.I wouldnt be caught dead with anything pink.Pink guns...disgusting and in my opinon if you like the color pink while your hunting..'you like so shouldnt be there'.Sure I love hunting and theres nothing wrong with loving to be outdoors and be feminine but lets keep it realistic....not plastic.

i love pink gun i been painting glocks,shotys 4 years i finished my wife ak47 it helped me have a lot guns rifes shotguns


I am not offended by the pink "barbie" gun, but by the comments from some of you men. Some of your comments are incredibly rude and childish. I know many great women hunters, and all are smart enough to realize that this gun is made for a child. And if it takes a pink gun to get our youth involved in hunting, then make them pink! It is men like this and comments like this that help keep female hunter numbers low.

I'm in school right now

I really don't care what my gun looks like as long as it's accurate.



i have a daughter that wants a pink shotgun but i dint know any where that sells them could you tell me where they are sold.



i am a female and i think that pink guns are grate and i would love to have one but i don't know where to get one from i have looked in all the gun shops in my area and they don't sell them


Guys! I am at this site because I am looking for a pink gun! I'm not a girlie girl I love to be out in nature and love to hunt. But want a unique gun that is all mine. And if it's pink there is no way my hubby or boys will want to use it.

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