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September 24, 2007

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Man Mouths Rattler, Eats Venom

At a barbeque with friends, 23-year-old snake collector Matt Wilkinson of Portland, Oregon, put a 20-inch rattle snake in his mouth. Next thing he knew, he was near death at the Oregon Health and Science University, where doctors saved his life. Later he told the Associated Press: “You can assume alcohol was involved."

No kidding?


Matt Mallery

Nature had a golden oppurtunity to clense the gene pool. Too bad medical science stood in the way. This jerk should be charged with animal cruelty at least.


I have to agree. He got just what he deserved.


r napolitano

next time try the stunt with a grizzly

Walt Smith

Here, hold my beer and watch this!!


What possesses people to do such stupid things with animals? Did he think the rattlesnake wasn't going to react to being shoved in his mouth? Hopefully he leaves animals alone from now on.


At one point in my life, I was surprised at the things people would do!
I am no longer surprised.
Amazed maybe that the human brain is capable of telling their bodies that they can __________ (fill in blank) and not get hurt!!!
Did anyone check to see if the snake was suffering any ill effects? Maybe it's somewhere in Oregon, wondering why it's fangs are rotting out and it has a sudden craving for a beer and a cigarette!

Evan V

Lets just be thankful it was his mouth that he put the snake in.

Brucie Boy

Sheesh, what a wuss. Next time, try something dangerous.

Blue Ox

This would have been a perfect example of Darwinism at it's finest. "The idiot who puts a rattlesnake into his mouth does not get to reproduce idiots of his own.."

paul Wilke

Those famous words again;
"Watch this!"

Trae B.

Usually I would have a very smart and funny remark for something like this but my words have already been said by carlos mencea "DEET DA DEE!!!" if you put a rattle snake in your mouth what do you think is going to happen.maybe his mouth is swelled shut forever.


WHAY A DUMASS! What di he think would happen?


With my spelling I think I just put a rattlesnake in my mouth! Or maybe I need someone to hold my beer!


If you can figure out you misspelled something, surely you would have enough sense not to put a snake, especially a poisonous one, in your mouth!
No sweat buddy, ask for your beer back!!!!

Trae B.

I wonder what it tasted like...hmmm can you taste pain because if you can i'll bet he did.

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