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September 27, 2007

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Discussion Topic Update: Will You Vote for Fred Thompson?

When we last asked you this question, Thompson had just declared his candidacy on Leno. There’s been a lot of buzz--both pro and con--about him since. Here’s some of the latest:

First some pro, from The Washington Times:

While the NRA waited until October in each of the past two presidential election years before endorsing a candidate, the group plans to take a more high-profile role early in the 2008 Republican nomination process.

On Friday, [Republican presidential hopefuls] paraded before 500 lifetime NRA members at a conference in Washington, each making a pitch for why they are the best candidate to protect the rights of gun owners.

Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who earned an "A" rating from the NRA during his time in the Senate, was the group's favorite.

And here, in the interest of balance, is some scathing con, from Rolling Stone: (Be warned that the full text contains profanity.)

[Thompson’s] campaign is basically a referendum on what America wants out of its president. Do we want an executive who solves problems. . . . Or do we want a lead actor to star in a television show about a fantasy America . . . where poverty and war and insecurity can be solved simply by keeping them off camera?

What Thompson is selling is escapism, pure and simple. . . .

The people who are buying this fantasy are buying out of fear, because they can't bear to look anymore. They've simply given up trying to deal. If Thompson wins -- and he very well might -- that's what it'll be: total surrender. The lowest we've ever sunk.

Check out both stories in full and tell us your reaction.



To add: WE cannot afford to be sheep like the antis. These spirited debates proves that we can think for ourselves. Even if we dont see eye to eye on some issues, REMEMBER, I think we are all on the same side when it comes down to the nut cuttin!!!!


Hi All,

Bubba, cudo's to you. Just to make sure that the right Paul is being referred to here. I an a Rep. as well and for one am leaning very heavily to Fred Thompson. Who cares if he is an actor. Ah, does everyone remember Ronald Reagan?

No brain'er, at least to me that argument does not hold water.

I will go down fighting kicking and scratching before I relinquish anything to the socialist thinking of the front runners on the Dem. side. No I am not ready in any way, shape or form to goose step in time with that ultra way of thinking.

At least you know where Fred Thompson is coming from. Hitlery, and Obama just don't get it.

Yes I am a Rep. But if I do not like what is being put forward to better the life os Americans I make my voice be heard. Just like the anti's trying to stop hunting and fishing here in NJ, Ther are tree hugging, vegi eating, money grabbers that rely on PAC money from same like groups to make their agendas work and get passed.

I am sorry, these people are not speaking for me and I wish we had more backbone in this country to speak up for what we believe in, and not let these small groups with a lot of money make it seem that they are talking for me.

BTW where is the NRA when it comes to the fight here in NJ? Just a thought...




I had to go back and look at the "posted by" to realize I should have been talking to paul and not "Paul"!?!?!
I must admit, "Paul", it wasn't until Ron's second term that I became interested enough in what was happening around me to start paying attention! When I finally woke up, it was a real shocker to realize I had actually voted Democrat!
A few of the people at work were GOPer's and I began to talk to them and listen to the political arguments they would have with the Mule's. It finally dawned on me that although two of the guys were extremist (let's not get into that!) in their own right, there political leanings were based more on common sense and logic than anything the Mule's could throw out!
So, "Paul" my apologies, paul, "WAKE UP!!"



Thats OK Sir,

I guess I will be ending my posts in a different way from now on.

Common sense and Logic are my only tools. I listen, I learn, and then I make a decision. Plus if I am wrong I admit it instead of trying to defend a bad decision enausium like many Dem's have a tendency of doing.

Paul D

Bill A,

I don't think at this time I could really say who I'll vote for it's along time until November. I know the Democrates scare me !! They seem to live in a world not the same as the everyday Americans do. Fred Thompson makes some good points, but I want to hear more than stump speaches. I see how the Democrates, and Organizations that work for them treat our American soliders..I.E General P.
Right now the Democrates promote a world I don't want to live in. I'm proud to be an American. I don't believe this country will ever be the same if the Democrates come to power now. We will become a second rate nation, not a leader like we are now. All the Republican candidates need to start to do more than just stump speaches.


So far I'm not impressed by any candidate, as it always is. Does anyone know of any independet candidates who support gun ownership yet aren't generally jaded to reality like both Rep. and dems? Call me traditional but I want to vote for a candidate that I believe in instead of voting to keep the other guy out of office. Voting to keep the other guy out is a sure fire way of voting in someone else who you'll grow to hate just as much.



As far as an individual "Independent" Candidate, I'm sorry, don't follow 'em.
The last time I had anything to do with an Ind. it was H. Ross Pee-rot (I know it's Perot)
I was all for H. Ross, he came out swinging, as a fellow Texan at the time, the mind set was really Pro-America / Anti-Government. Then he quit!! I was so mad!!! Then he came back!!!
THEN, it dawned on me what he was doing. The Dem's weren't comfortable of Clinton's ability to re-capture the White House. Since the Rep's didn't have a real strong front runner, stick a popular, Ind with strong Rep type views out there!!! See how many Rep votes you can pull that direction while leaving the Dem polls untouched!!
Wah-lah! H. Ross Pee-rot, Decoy!!!
Besides, H. Ross's money is tied up in municipal bonds which are, guess what? TAX FREE!!!! You as an ordinary, everyday citizen, go to Dallas, Ft Worth, Chicago, Philly, Boston... (pick a big one) and attempt to purchase municipal bonds and see what happens!! I suppose if I met H. Ross IRL, I might like him. Make no mistake, he has a very strong personality!! Made a pretty good "deke" didn't he!?




Guess I kinda quit early.
That's why I don't really mess with the Ind's.
It seems that the only diff an Ind makes is the result at the booth, pulling votes from one side, only to the detriment of the other! My point above is, if H. Ross hadn't pulled a bunch of Rep votes in that election, we might not have had 8 years of Billy Boy


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