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September 27, 2007

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Discussion Topic Update: Will You Vote for Fred Thompson?

When we last asked you this question, Thompson had just declared his candidacy on Leno. There’s been a lot of buzz--both pro and con--about him since. Here’s some of the latest:

First some pro, from The Washington Times:

While the NRA waited until October in each of the past two presidential election years before endorsing a candidate, the group plans to take a more high-profile role early in the 2008 Republican nomination process.

On Friday, [Republican presidential hopefuls] paraded before 500 lifetime NRA members at a conference in Washington, each making a pitch for why they are the best candidate to protect the rights of gun owners.

Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who earned an "A" rating from the NRA during his time in the Senate, was the group's favorite.

And here, in the interest of balance, is some scathing con, from Rolling Stone: (Be warned that the full text contains profanity.)

[Thompson’s] campaign is basically a referendum on what America wants out of its president. Do we want an executive who solves problems. . . . Or do we want a lead actor to star in a television show about a fantasy America . . . where poverty and war and insecurity can be solved simply by keeping them off camera?

What Thompson is selling is escapism, pure and simple. . . .

The people who are buying this fantasy are buying out of fear, because they can't bear to look anymore. They've simply given up trying to deal. If Thompson wins -- and he very well might -- that's what it'll be: total surrender. The lowest we've ever sunk.

Check out both stories in full and tell us your reaction.



Not sure how I feel about Thompson yet. I'm curious and keeping an eye on him though. I want to see him go toe to toe on policy matters with Romney or Guliani. I like Freds message of broad themes but I want to see how well he can articulate the details of a policy.

Funny... I'm not sure if Rolling StoneD is talking about the same guy. Right now Thompson is one of the few that has discussed that there are some dark times ahead. Being positive and optimistic about working through them seems to be a problem to the Rolling Stone though. They'd rather have nurse ratchet Hillary or Barack Hussein Obama tell us that our lives suck, that Bush sucks and that without Democrats and big government we will all be miserable and have bad teeth! All they offer is mediocrity for the masses. No thanks...

Walt Smith

I've said it before and I'll say it again--Fred Thompson will be getting my vote. Rolling Stone Magazine as a political advisor?? They need to stick with sucking up to rock stars and celebrating their drug ravenous lives.


I can't say that Fred Thompson will be getting my vote. Frankly it's too early for me to be saying anyone will be getting my vote. That said, Thompson has done precious little to impress me thus far. To be honest, Thompson did very little, if anything to impress me as a Senator. I can't help feeling that his time in the Senate was spent going with the flow and trying not to be controvercial. Personally, I'm looking for a candidate who has ideas of his own, and can lead and make decisions under pressure, and decisions that are well reasoned and responsible not ones that are politically popular. I'm still waiting to find that candidate


I don't think I can vote for the man. I am sure he might be good on gun rights, but it think that he will just push for tax cuts without reducing spending first. I just don't think America can handle another big spenders which is what the conservitives have seemed to turned into.


I don't think I can vote for the man. I am sure he might be good on gun rights, but it think that he will just push for tax cuts without reducing spending first. I just don't think America can handle another big spenders which is what the conservitives have seemed to turned into.


I don't think I can vote for the man. I am sure he might be good on gun rights, but it think that he will just push for tax cuts without reducing spending first. I just don't think America can handle another big spenders which is what the conservitives have seemed to turned into.


Gee that Rolling Stone article sure showed honest, unbiased journelism, didn't it? This article has no more relevence than the mindnumbing rants heard on AirAmerica. I don't know who I'll vote for but if Rolling Stone doesn't like the guy then I most likely do.


Dont know enough about the man to say Ill vote for him.He is on the short list for me.You can read and listen to him talk and not really get agood feel the man.I think most politicians say what the masses want to hear.If any of my brothers in arms can give me any more info on his voting record or just have an opinion about him it would help me out. thanks alot.


Thompson was a very good senator here in TN, and he has a very healthy grasp on what the govt should and should not be involved in.

He's more of a Federalist Libertarian than a Republican, and he's certainly not the same brand of Neo-Con we've had recently (whether that's good or bad is up to you).

He's got my vote, and I'm pulling for Huckabee to run as VP... but we'll see what happens.

Oh, and I'm with Mike: if the Rolling Stoned magazine recommends one way, I'm headed the other.


So let's see, two of you are going to base your choice for president on who Rolling Stone doesn't want. That magazine has a very powerful sway over you guys.
C'mon? You act as if the NRA is any less baised that Rolling Stone. Neither is a good barometer. Neither can give a very clear picture. They're only good for stirring debate.


David, Im from AR and "I like Mike"as veep myself. Im a registered independent. That lets me feel no pressure from any party. Admittedly I lean republican/conservative but not on everything. Mr. Thompson is my front runner but I really want to know him better. Know him as a man as well as a politician. I guess until I hear something that sticks in my craw the wrong way he has my vote.And I'll say again IF YOU DONT VOTE DONT BITCH!!!!!! Lets be heard loudly my friends!


I certainly will think twice about anybody that Rolling Stone would endorse or slander. The NRA has a known agenda which I support so when it comes time to vote I certainly take stock of their rankings when it comes to a candidates stance on the right to bear arms.


I must say that while I am still leaning more to Ron Paul I have liked what I am hearing about Thompson.
Anyone who scares the P out of Rolling Stone magazine is good in my book!
I would like to vote FOR someone this time; in the last two presidential elections I have been somewhat forced to vote against. Meaning that my votes went to W but weren't for him as much as against al bore and the two johns respectively. I would like to proudly state that I voted for a candidate because they supported Individual initiative, personal freedoms in all aspects of life, and my Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Those three factors made America the Greatest Nation on the planet and if we want to stay Great we still need ALL THREE.


I really can't say who I'm voting for cause I really can't pick one good one. Yes there are some who aren't the best but no matter what there are those who really have no right to be going for the president. So I say that once it is time to vote go and vote that will decide everything. If you don't vote and complain thats your own falt.

Matt Mallery

If Rolling Stone condemns him, that is in his favor as far as I'm concerned. Rolling Stone never met a not far to the left candidate that they liked.

vincent cancro

i'm leaning towards him .

vincent cancro

i'm leaning towards him .he has proven himself to the n.r.a.the rolling stone lives in a drug induced fantsy world -if they do not like him then there must be something worth checking out.


First off, I ain't perfect. I'm a registered Rep.
God rest my dad, he'd roll over in his grave if he heard that. He was a dyed-in-the-wool union man that would vote for Hitler if he were the only Democratic candidate.
I tried voting for a "man", but always found myself coming up short. Nobody ever fit my definition!
Out of frustration, I looked at the parties. Big Government, little government. More taxes, less taxes. Pro gun, anti gun.
Pro abortion, anti abortion. Overall, the Republican party presents a case of smaller, less involved government in our day to day lives! Prefers that the citizenry is armed and refuses to allow unnecessarily aborting (killing) a fetus.
Hillary said on TV the other day that she would solve our problems with healthcare and pay for it by.... "bringing back some of the tax cuts that Pres. Bush has instituted!"
The Democrats have a tendency to want to tax us, then tell us what we have to do to get a portion of the money back.
Point is, I vote for an ideal.
Smaller government, pro-gun, anti-abortion!!!
Am I right!? I don't know, but it works for me!
Do I vote? DAMN RIGHT!!! With one X!!!



Bubba right on again! My grandfather was die-hard dem. and union. He would jump out of his grave if he knew I was an Independent. Less gov. is a good thing. Cant say it better than you already did.Keep it comin!


well Bubba you make hell of a point and I say hell yeah. I say the more we talk about the more they will listen and actually do something.


What the heck? Have you guys been paying attention? Do you guys even have a clue on what our federal deficit is? Thanks to George Bush and the Repubilcan Congress Neo- Cons that spend our money like drunken sailors.Get a clue. Is that your definition of less government? I could go on adnauseam with examples of our present government intrusions in our lives and pocketbooks. Wake the hell up!!


Paul, do you think it will be any better with democrats in office? If so I would be interested in your opinion.



All politicos spend "our" money. Is Dubya infallible? NO!
The Reps "cut" taxes! (smaller gov)
The Dems "pass" taxes! (bigger gov)
The Reps want you to take care of yourself. (stop government handouts, cut taxes)
The Dems want to take care of you whether you need it or not! (more programs, more taxes)
I was asked, seriously, once, if I could think of "anything" that Dubya had done "for" me! My reply was instant, "Yeah, he gave me the marriage tax credit back!" (Clinton took it away!) Less taxes I have to pay!
Now, am I totally correct? In my mind I am. Paul, if you don't agree, that's up to you, but I'll take smaller government anyday!!!




One question!

Do you understand and/or where do you stand on the terms, "trickle-up or trickle-down" economics?



PAUL, you seem to have some ideals that set the bar pretty high. You make a few good points but you seem to take government misinformation to higher level. please dont be offended, this is one " DUMB REDNECK's" opinion. Last twenty years I vote for the lesser of two evils it seems. Mostly Conservative reps. Good debate makes your brain wake up keep it comin.

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