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September 26, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Can New Jersey Ban Hunting and Fishing?

If you think your right to hunt is iron clad or written in stone, you should talk to New Jersey bear hunters, whose season was infamously shot down by politicians. Now, a pair of anti-hunting legislators are taking aim at all outdoorsmen—and potentially providing a model by which other states could move to effectively ban hunting and fishing.

From the Asbury Park Press:

Instituting a law to prohibit fishing would be unimaginable only a generation ago. Fishing is so intertwined in New Jersey's recreational and economic past and present that it is hard to imagine living without it. Sadly, Monmouth County politicians may outlaw this essential part of our outdoor heritage.

Legislative bills A-3275 and S-2041 have been introduced by Assemblyman Michael Panter and Sen. Ellen Karcher, both D-Monmouth. These bills will eliminate freshwater fishing, hunting and trapping in New Jersey. It will be achieved by changing the structure of the Fish and Game Council.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



1 nice fat doe a couple weeks ago down here in NC. Hit the persimmons trees boys. The late summer fruit has deer around the tree 24-7.

No lie.


"If they did ban all hunting and fishing how long do think it would last?"

Dylan I don't want it to even get to that point. Once it is law it is even harder to undo. Please, everyone, don't think this way. Once the hunting goes just thing about the second amendment is that next?

No, we have to fight this one and smash it into the ground. There are to many politicians that are thinking this way and it is scary. Can you say animal rights? What about human rights? My rights as a citizen of the United States comes first. These Dems are really P!i$$!ng me off. Sorry but if everybody thought that way you might as well start handing your weapons in right now, because it will be all over.

Paul D


I wasn't implying that it won't matter if they ban hunting and fishing because it won't uphold. I was simply stating that they have no place stand on their side of the issue. I was pointing out that they have no facts or research supporting their decision. The last thing I want is for hunting and or fishing to be banned in any state.
Happy hunting Paul.


It's hard to beat a nice fat doe for good tasting venison.
I got a whitetail buck with my bow last Friday, and antelope buck with my rifle on Saturday. The freezers are already starting to fill.
Do you do any bird hunting?


Misunderstanding understood, BUT, right now one bill already passed committee. They have 3 anti-PAC's supporting this bill and their funding is large. The two Assemblymen from Monmouth county are vegetarians and pushed to get bills already passed into law banning trans fats and another food group.

I am so mad. I have to make sure this does not pass.

Thanks Dylan,

Paul D



I have tried turkey hunting twice. No luck. None really in my area and where they are is speial permit on game land. I will try dove hunting next season. Would love to try grouse or pheasant sometime.



Read a few posts up regarding the meeting in Mullica Hill.

NJ anti-hunters are large in number and their legislators are pressured to pass Bills like these. IF these get passed, those appointees will have the same pressures = Not good for the sportsmen.

Your state may be next. This COULD be the floodgates. Don't let it start.

We need all the support we can muster. If you live in NJ, be there. If you live in adjacent states, make the trip for the meeting to support your future right to the outdoors.


This is terrible. We the sportman must voice our opinions and stand up against the anti's. Lets stick together and overcome this problem.

william lovett

New Jersey has a long history of Politicians for sale. The United States has a long history of people saying "why should I vote, my vote doesn't matter!". Put these two together and you have a recipe for disaster. Consider this "the camel trying to get his nose under the flap of the tent". Once a law is passed, even a stupid one, it's a real fight to get it off the books.

Farmer Ed

I'm happy to say (if anyone is still reading this blog) that we drew about 1,000 people to the rally and turned the politicians and the public into seeing that we will be force to be reckoned with. Thanks to all who supported us and will continue to support us.


Are there any upcoming rally's? I want to come and start getting involved.

What is the most effective things I can do to make sure I can do my part?

Russell Dickert

I sometimes find it inconsievable that people, want to force other people to conform to there beliefs.I wonder how they would feel if we decided to make a "LAW" that said they must go out and hunt or fish or face the consequences.But this would not be something that a normal person would try to do if they believed in what our country stands for.{FREEDOM} I WILL BE AT THE CLARKSBURG INN ON THE 28th.

r napolitano

Interestly both are vegetarians. Arent vegetables alive, and if so we should respect their lives and well being as much as other life forms. And if so then we should not eat vegetables because we are harming them and we should not cause harm or pain to other life forms. So by this analogy both of these clowns are not allowed to eat anything and by the way they are killing the bacteria in their gut, an other life form we should respect so why dont they just kill themselves and stop harming their environment. And btw, peta kills more animals than they will acknowledge. And if these two idiots than any form of insulin or other drugs such as antibiotitcs then they are bigger hypocrits than they would admit to being. In addition, you elect idiots, you get idiocy.

paul Wilke

The names Michael Panter and Ellen Karcher, if they can't be removed (impeached) at least be sure not to reelect them. Find a sportsman to elect!


Please support us defeat these bills by donating to the http://www.njoutdooralliance.org/. These fanatics are trying to ban hunting in New Jersey.


There is a real possibility of this passing in NJ. These Animal rights activists have successfully stopped the bear hunt have the state experimenting with contraception for animals. We only have a small number of hunters and a huge number of urbanites. Our democrats hold the majority and the governor is clearly against hunting.


Also remember to send letters to the editor of your newspapers. The animal rights people are saying that this bill is to bring "balance" to the Fish and Game Council. I get the Star Ledger and the Expresss Times and I've only seen one pro hunting letter to the editor other than mine. so flood the papers with stuff too.

Nicholas DiSessa

I understand the true threat is over and not many people will be reading this but I have a suggestion which I hope will get through. Why not use a tactic in use since WW1? Propaganda! Bombard anti websites with pro hunting factual propaganda. Put pro hunt articles in newspapers and on telephone poles. If we can't get to the politicians then we'll hit the Anti's! This is war after what I've seen! I'm not expecting anti's to convert but I'm expecting some demorilization- this is war. They have their publicity, money, influence,gang ties, and drugs. We have our will to survive, thrill of the hunt, fitness, and cold hard facts. All things anti's lack. We stand out in the crowd- we are not normal! We posses skills like no others- We are the Splinter Cells of the woods- We are outdoorsmen! Now rally the troops and start the protesting! We cannot let America fall into the abyss of moral failure! We must succeed where others have failed to protect what's right! If New Jersey is ever threatened again it won't be just NJ it will be America! America has lost all respectability except for it's outdoors, it's people, and it's heritage! When we succeed, will be when America succeds in heeling itself! "We must hang together, or we will indeed be hanged seperately!"

Happy hunting!

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