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September 26, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Can New Jersey Ban Hunting and Fishing?

If you think your right to hunt is iron clad or written in stone, you should talk to New Jersey bear hunters, whose season was infamously shot down by politicians. Now, a pair of anti-hunting legislators are taking aim at all outdoorsmen—and potentially providing a model by which other states could move to effectively ban hunting and fishing.

From the Asbury Park Press:

Instituting a law to prohibit fishing would be unimaginable only a generation ago. Fishing is so intertwined in New Jersey's recreational and economic past and present that it is hard to imagine living without it. Sadly, Monmouth County politicians may outlaw this essential part of our outdoor heritage.

Legislative bills A-3275 and S-2041 have been introduced by Assemblyman Michael Panter and Sen. Ellen Karcher, both D-Monmouth. These bills will eliminate freshwater fishing, hunting and trapping in New Jersey. It will be achieved by changing the structure of the Fish and Game Council.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



The day it is illegal for me to fish is the day I carry waepons with me. Any law enforcement officer that wears a fish and game badge and tries to enforce that law should be shot anyhow. Good luck enforcing the no hunting scenario. Adapt and overcome.

Best regards,


The day it is illegal for me to fish is the day I carry weapons with me. Any law enforcement officer that wears a fish and game badge and tries to enforce that law should be shot anyhow. Good luck enforcing the no hunting scenario. Adapt and overcome.

Best regards,

Farmer Ed

To Bubba and anyone else who is interested:

Website to check out is njoutdooralliance.org.


Unfortunately I have heard your comments many times too. I hope it never comes to that and I doubt that it will. But one never knows . . .

One thing the animal rightists are very good at is bombarding the politicians with e-mails from out-of-state supporters. That's how this whole bear mess got started here in Jersey.
So if you are so inclined go to the New Jersey Legislature web page at www.njleg.state.us and look up the bills A3275 and S2041. They will show you the sponsors and contact information.
Thanks for your comments and concerns.


Farmer Ed

Thanks, I'll do what I can and encourage all to reply also.
Just remember guys, try to refrain from derogatory statements and blue language.



Hi All,

Just remember this is just the tip of the iceburg. Once the anti's get a hold in NJ maybe your state will be targeted next. What is needed is to have every hunter, fishermen draw a line in the sand and help us make this stand.

We need your help to fight these arrogant narrow minded individuals who think we can't make a decision if our lives depended on it.

Please if you love outdoor sports as I do send off emails to as many legislatures in the state of NJ as you can. We are not asking for much and by doing so you are helping to preserve what has been a way of life for generation past and for generation to come.

I know as fellow sportsmen you all will step up to the plate and support us here in NJ fighting for the rights of sportsmen everywhere.

We need your help NOW!!!




Send emails to whom? What addresses exactly?


Farmer Ed, I as well will try to help out. This is not just a fight in N.J. This is something we all need to open our eyes about. I dont really think they WILL ban hunting or fishing but this hits way to close to home! Dont turn your back, it wont go away with out a fight. Lets not be sheep. The politicians are supposed to work for us.


Hi All,

Here is a letter posted on our web site alerting us to this problem. Plus the emails.

I guess to start with the best place would be the Governor who would ultimately sign it into law if passed.

Gov. Jon Corzine

Choose the topic: Natural Resources
then select: Fish, game and Wildlife.

This will hopefully get his attention. If not our two senators are:
Frank R, Lautenberg D-NJ

Robert Menendez D-NJ
Senator Menendez is the animal activist and pledges to do evetything possible to save them all.

There are two bills pending before the State Senate and Assembly. A3275 ans S2041. If pass these bills would change the makeup of the Fish and Game council and make it POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS. This alone is bad enough another provision of the bills is to DO AWAY WITH THE CURRENT PROVISIONS IN THE STATE FISH & GAME CODE WHICH PROVIDES FOR THE PUBLIC'S USE AND DEVELOPMENT OF NJ'S WILDLIFE FOR RECREATIONAL AND FOOD SUPPLIES.


All State Assembly seats and 40 Senate seats are up for reelection this year, sponsors of the bills are Assemblyman Panter and Senator Carcher both 12th district.

There is a new (Political Action Committee) "New Jersey Outdoor Alliance"
http://www.njoutdooralliance.org. They are leading the fight against these bills.

Please take time to either write or email your districts legislators to state your opposition. It will take no more time than a posting on this site.

Speak up now or suffer later.

Thanks to all who are willing to help we all need to act now or loose another freedom we cherish so much.



To my brothers in N.J., Please bombard the gov. and senators with your emails. Paul has made it easy. Do you think uot of staters emails will help. Let me know and i'll jump on board!!!


Hi Greg,

Any and all email will help. Lets flood them with our thoughts and feelings.



I would suggest flooding them with FACTS not FEELINGS. Tell them about late fawns, tell them about too many does, tell them about how herds will over-browse and threaten all wildlife survival. FACTS not overblown anger or opinions.


Hi All,

If you will be around your computer or live in NJ you can listen to an interview on Rack & Fin about our problem.

Join us Saturday September 29th, 9:00am Rack & Fin with Tom P. on 1450am radio -
or listen on your computer at: http://www.1450espn.com/home.php



Not that Lautenberg will care a wit. You ought to be contacting all your state reps and senators, remind them of the horrible conditions the deer at Great Swamp were suffering before that hunt was opened back in the mid 1970's. Remind them that Garden State residents pay the highest car insurance premiums out there and the increase in deer-car collisions (inevitable) will only push those rates up all the more. Remind them that the Garden State needs to control wildlife numbers or wildlife will overrun farms and further decimate domestic livestock and fowl; not to mention predation on family pets or the ever increasing likelihood of a really bad outcome to a bear-human confrontation...
Best wishes to all in the midst of the fray!


Hi SilverArrow,

Its a start. If everyone would send an email to the two Senators and the Governor it will help and I hope we can workk from the top down so to speak.

For those that live in NJ and don't know who your Rep's are here is a map you can click on and fire off an email as well.


I hope this will snowball into an avalanche of emails to wake the powers to in Trenton up and say enough is enough already.



You are better off sending your comments to State Assemblymen and Senators, not the Federal Reps like the 2 Senators listed above or any Congressmen. There are many State Assemblymen who are Democrats who are not very enthusiastic about these Bills, and enough outcry from voters will help them decided these Bills are bad legislation. Direct your comments to the State reps and don't even let it go to Corzine because he could care less. If you are from NJ, find out who your District reps are and send your concerns to the Senator and Assemblymen who represent you because your vote directly impacts them.


Thanks Doug,

This might be true that is why I put the link in the post just before yours.

Just in case you missed it here it is again.


Thanks to all who are emailing. This is to important to let go by the way side.

Happy Catching (for now)



I have seen laws like this before many times here in kentucky, in my county, but they never made it to the court system cause people got together and said I don't think so. When I heard they were going to try and pass laws so hunters couldn't hunt unless they go to public land is told others and it spread quickly and every got together and stopped it. If people get together it wont work. Just think we hunters and fishermen out number the politicians so stand up and fight for what you love. The only reason I could ever see it passing is if we let them brand us as poachers which they will try.

Farmer Ed

Thanks to all who responded. I hope you spread the word and let the N.J. legislators know just how you feel. We are all in this together - next time it may be your state.
Those in Jersey remember to attend the informational meeting on October 9 in Mullica Hill at the Grange Hall at 7 p.m. Hope we pack the place.


Hey folks!!

I've been watching a piece in this site called, "Outdoorsmen Spend Big Bucks!" So far the only replies are from Greg and me!
You really need to go back and read the entire article. Print it out if you need to! E-mail it to those folks in NJ that think hunters aren't supporting their own sport! Remind them of the (I think the name is right!?) Pittman-Robertson Act!
One of the things that Thomas Paine wrote about in "Commom Sense" was the fact that the people of England looked to the King to protect them, making them sub-serviant (sp) to the King. The "new" continent wanted to be responsible for themselves, not watched over by "Big Brother"!
I've written this before and I'll say it again:
Read "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine, it's surprising just how well it fits our present day government!!



Im burning the emails up. Hopefully everyone else will too.


Thanks Greg and all who had addressed this issue. Just to let you know that one version has already passed committee, and is one step closer to becoming reality.

Where are the big guns on this like the NRA and BASS I haven't heard diddly from them so far. I have been sending emails to every large manufacturer of guns fishing gear and boats. They need to get involved as well the life of their business is at steak on this one as well.

Guys we need them to put some back bone into this or why bother supporting them.



Hi All,

For all those sportsmen in NJ listen up. This was a blurb on the www.njsaltwaterfishermwn.com site.

(The following event is sponsored by NJOA and NJSFSC.)

I can honestly say that this might well be the biggest rally for angling, hunting, and trapping in the state's history.

October 9th, Tuesday, Mullica Hill, NJ 7:30PM at
"Grange Hall."

Join us to hear NJSFSC president Ed Markowski and NJOA chairman Anthony Mauro speak about bills A3275 and S2041. Come hear senators and assembly persons give their support to the outdoors. Come meet representatives from Safari Club International and NRA...

...and be sure to say hello to Mike Iaconelli, 2006 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, and 2007 espy nominee for Outdoor Athlete. He will bring along his boat and have it on display for all of us. http://www.mikeiaconelli.com

We hope to see you on the 9th. It could possibly be the next "Woodstock" for the outdoor-minded.

Place: Mullica Hill Grange Hall
78 North Main St.
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Contact:Dave Dare for directions and information (856)546-5376 Fax (856)672-0229

Remember thats October 9th

Paul D


Hi All,

FYI - Daily Record
Assemblyman Panter, sponsor of bill A3275 (eliminates fishing, hunting, and trapping) is feeling the heat and is beginning to cover his tracks. He blames us for wrongly "perceiving" the words in his bill - the words that delete "hunting, fishing, and trapping for recreation or food supply."

What an insult to our intelligence!

Everyone keep up the pressure on their legislators and be ready to vote on Nov. 6th. This tiger (and his ilk) won't be changing his stripes as long as he is in office.

Anthony Mauro
NJOA (New Jersey Outdoor Alliance)

Lets keep up the pressure everyone. This bill in now incognito and needs to be defeated big time. The words have been dropped only from the preamble but the meaning on the Bill has not changed. Don't be fooled, if this passes we will loose big time.

Thanks everyone but we are not finished yet.

Paul D


If they did ban all hunting and fishing how long do think it would last? There would be thousands of car accidents a day from wildlife. There would be deer all over peoples lawns, dying of disease. Mother nature would take of the problem but it wouldn't be pretty. The strongest arguement that us hunters have against antis is that hunting does not affect the population. What I mean by this is we harvest a certain number of deer (for example)each year. This eliminates (or greatly reduces) the number of deer that are hit on the highway or die from disease. We as hunters are basically utilizing what would die anyway and otherwise go to waste. So the antis would rather see wildlife dying slow, miserable, deaths then killed quickly and used for food. That's great logic. Research has proved my above statement. I seen the research model in my wildlife conservation textbook.

P.S. I'd like to see them try to pull this sh** over here in the midwest. They'd be high tailing back to the east after five minutes of talking about their mindless bullsh**.

Has anyone had any luck hunting this fall so far?

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