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September 14, 2007

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Dinty Moore Offers Dream Hunt Sweepstakes

Every red-blooded American likes beef stew and baseball. And we know you like hunting. So Dinty Moore is really putting it all together for you with its latest promotion. Click here to enter and you could win a hunting trip of a lifetime with Minnesota Twins greats Jack Morris and Dan Gladden.




If your from the South...dont bother....

Matt Mallery

I'm in Arizona, so I guess I can't enter.

Sherrill Philip Neese

It's only for folks from the upper midwest. MN, IA, SD, ND, and WI. That stinks. I really like Dinty Moore and tolerate the Twins. Hmmmm.... I wonder if they would accept folks who were born in MN? ;-)

Ralph the Rifleman

Does it count if I were a former resident of ND?? Da*n rules!


Well rats!!!
I guess I'll just have to shoot at these old Okie whitetails again this year. 'Sides, cain't eat horns anyway!!!

Rock C. Lee

Your spelling is wrong on line at the top of this section. It should read, If you're from the So...." Perhaps it would be better if you just wrote "you are", since. apparently the one who typed that for this has little memory of high sch. English.


Maybe Ljohnson wrote the rules for the contest and we are (we're) all eligible and just do not (don't) realize it?


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