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September 28, 2007

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Catch and Release Research Tests Time Out of Water

Most of us already know that if you want to release a fish unharmed, you should land and return the catch to the water as quickly as possible. How quickly? According to new research by the University of Illinois, less than four minutes is best. Check out the full story here.



So in other words, don't play the fish til you reel it in floating and sideways - and then if your camera ain't ready - throw the dang fish back in the water.



Hi All,

Plus they are finding out that the circle hook is a big fish saver as well. yeah its a bugger to get out sometimes but at least you know the fish will not get hooked in the gills or gut hooked.

I have changed over to all circle hookes for fishing the surf this summer and they work great.

Happy Catching

Paul D


What about storing the fish in some type of a live well? You have to keep the water temp. close to that of the lake water. It should give you more time for measuring, pictures, etc.

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