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August 28, 2007

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Video: Deer Leaps Motorcycle in a Single Bound

Too bad they don’t do this every time they encounter a vehicle.



That was fake. the pixilation and size of deer were wrong


It does happen. I was out riding with three other people. I was in the lead and my wife was riding her bike behind me. We were in the Pinelands of NJ. All of a sudden I was aware that something was jumping over me. I applied the brakes hard and locked the rear brake and fishtailed a bit. I kept on riding but was a little shaken. At the next stop my friends told me that a deer had leapt right over my bike.

John Bukovich

i had one jump over my snowmoble when i was a kid in an field along the woods


Even if it was real, the deer didnt jump OVER the bike. It was behind it and just an optical illusion as it was bounding.


I played that several times and I believe it is real. The dear looks the right size and the deer gets larger as the camera gets closer which would be very hard to do without it being real.. PLUS it really jumped behind the cyclist on the other side of the road though it appears he might have made it OVER.


Who cares if it jumped over or behind? It's fun to watch.

Todd Peterson

Looks Real to me plus its A cool vid. Why must some ruin the fun!!


Cool video, but who was filming it. That would be some perfect timing with the video camera.

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