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August 29, 2007

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PA Governor Decides: Guns Sales Will Halt This Weekend

If you’ve been following along on this one, you know that Pennsylvania’s plan to freeze gun sales over Labor Day weekend to allow an upgrade of the state's computerized background check system has not gone over well with the outdoor community, especially as it coincides with the openers of dove and Canada goose seasons. On Friday, a group of gun dealers filed suit to block the plan. Now, the Gov. Rendell has announced that the state will move forward with the freeze, but for 18 hours less than originally scheduled. Here’s the latest.


Mike Diehl

For some people there's never a "right time" for system maintenance.


Sounds completely resonable to do this.

my home state. i cannot believe they voted in such an idiot. hope they learn from this and vote accordingly


Not a big deal, get over it. Like I was planning for months to go out and buy a new shotgun on that particular weekend. Sorry, thursday or friday won't do. It's saturday or nothing.

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