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August 09, 2007

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New Jersey Bear Update: Is Council Fighting Hard Enough?

In this ongoing battle over lethal vs. nonlethal bear management practices, hunters have the state Fish and Game Council on their side. But according to this story from The Star Ledger, some are suggesting that the council has “surrendered too easily by agreeing it would not press for a black bear hunt this year.”

The real problem, says the council’s chairwoman: politics.



After reading the article it seems that as usual it is all "give and no take" by the politicals who claim to be representing the "hunters interests".

In fact the trend seems to be more typically that they are representing their own bureaucratic interests.

It should be noted that they get paid to manage by non-lethal methods and might even get some grant money or other funding source so that they can eventually sustain themselves w/o the bothersome "consumptive user fees" which is the new terminology for sportsmen funding.

To sustain growth, promotion and retirement funding, wildlife managers realized, more than 10 years ago, that the flat and or dwindling sportsmen funded system needed a new direction. "seeking alternate funding sources", "partnership's with non consumptive user groups" and other similar phrases have snce become the center of focus written into all future planning.

It doesn't take much foresight to understand that "from where the money comes - the attention goes", and soon the sportsmen will be a minority in the industry and conservation arena they paid for and built.

Sportsmen need to become fully aware of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation. (A plan set forth by The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

The democratization of wildlife will actually translate to the socialization or welfare state for wildlife,

Buzz phrases like: "A public trust for all citizens" .."using scientific principles to improve resource management practices"..."make wildlife relevant to a broad spectrum of society"..."more direct approaches for dealing with moral and ethical issues".... do not bode well for most of what we sportsmen have taken for granted.

It won't be the first time employees have taken over the company while the company founders or stock holders sat by complacently!


Mike makes some good points. There is another side though; try as they may, use grants as they might the non-lethal control methods will NOT work. The regions that trapped bears are set to be relocated to are already over carrying capacity that means the relocated bears will be heading back to their former, suburban, haunts as soon as the tranquilizer wears off! These will now be educated bears who will not fear man as much. Like it or not, there will be serious confrontations between bears and people. Once a child is injured or worse even the Star Ledger will take the council and Ms. Jackson to task for not using proven methods to reduce the population and instill natural fear of humans into the bears.

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