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August 01, 2007

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Bass Fisherman Lands White River Gravestone

What do you do when you catch a 145-year-old gravestone? Put it in your garden, obviously.

After snagging a stone engraved “Frank H. Kelly, 1830-1862,” which led authorities to about a dozen more all apparently dumped into the White River, Indianapolis man Jim Hodges told the Associated Press his plan: "I figure it belongs in my garden just as well as it belongs in the bottom of a river," he said—that is, until someone wants it back.


Who would want a stranger's or even a family members tombstone in their garden? Thats a bit spooky. Even better are the odds someone's house sits on an old cemetary as a result of this.

Sherrill Philip Neese

Having the tombstone around wouldn't both me so much as the idea that someone's house is sitting on top of a graveyard. Most likely some developer came across the head stones, didn't want to deal with the trouble of getting things moved legally, and just dumped them in the river. No head stones, no cemetery, no problem! :-7

Matt Mallery

It would be a nice Halloween decoration.

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