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July 27, 2007

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Would-Be Record Muley Was Poached

Hunting in a muzzleloader-only unit in Idaho in 2004, Gary A. Lehnherr of McFarland, Wisconsin, shot a mule deer buck sporting a rack as big as any ever taken with a smokepole. Problem is, he shot it with a centerfire rifle—and has now pled guilty to that. Check out the full story and picture of the enormous rack here.



How foolish, win a great tag and all you have to do is follow the rules.......but you can't. I hope they are fined the maximum of $100,000.00 that is what we can a deterrent to future violations.

Tom Church

hang em high


Take thier hunting priviledges away permentally.


man why did they have to blow it? it would have been so simple to obey the rules and do it the rite way. well hit 'em where it hurts. pull the hunting privileges and have them do community service that would benefit the animals the violation was against


I would think that what you guys are saying is a little harsh. It isn't like a shot it under a spotlight in illegal shooting time. They are paying their dues and sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. It is bad that they did try to lie about it though.

jared 12 yr old

a trip last week to SD had me at an overlook scanning a hillside for deer when i suddenly saw a mule deer that was 13 pts it was grazing and would occasionaly look up. that wazs my first mule deer ive ever seen i am very mad after hearing this story and agree with u guys on the consequences


theres a large oak in the front of my house he would look nice hanging from.

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