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July 24, 2007

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Video: Democrats Debate Gun Rights

Check out this clip from the recent CNN/YouTube Democratic debate, in which a citizen holds up a gun, calls it his “baby,” and asks the candidates how they’ll protect it.

Tell us your reaction to the question and Gov. Richardson’s and Senator Biden’s responses.



It doesn't matter, Clinton Inc is gonna sweep the primary, obama as vice? God help us.


Did Biden even answer a question?

I like Richardson. His responce to start and continue using existing laws is what I am looking for. If he could get his name out there I think he would give hillary a run for her money.

I agree that hillary is going to win the primary and I would have liked to hear her answer that question.

My jaw would drop if Obama was asked to be VP and fall even further if he accepted. Don't think that is going to happen.

Tom Remington

The question cuts to the heart of the Second Amendment. Neither candidate answered the question, as would be expected of politicians but their responses showed their ignorance of the Constitution, their fear of the unknown and jumped to the conclusion that this guy because of the weapon he held up must be mentally deranged.
Typical political mumbo jumbo. They are all liars and will say whatever is necessary if they think it will win them a vote.
I put very little stock in what they say. Got to look at what they do.


This is so a typical Democratic spin. Neither one really answering the question and the typical stereotypical response to a gun. I am a law abiding citizen and that gun just looks fun to shoot to me. Doesn't mean I'm not capable of functioning normal in society. Another reason why I'm republican:)

Screw the democratic party! I want to see the Republican party with Fred Thompson running for president and Condeleza Rice for vice president. That would put the fear in the democrats, by the way, isn't it fitting that the democratic party's mascot is the jackass!

Troy Stirman

The whole context of these debates is useless. The moderator throws out a video clip and asks a candidate to respond inside 20 seconds? There is no way any candidate can express his/her views adequately on ANY issue let alone a hot button issue such as this.

No surprise on Gov. Richardson's response. He's downplaying the fact that his state of NM. depends HEAVILY on hunting revenue from his own citizenry and those of neighboring states. He will support 2nd Amendment rights, but he will also be tough on criminals. Probably the only Dem candidate worth watching and listening to this year. (If your a Dem, that is.)

As for Biden, that guy couldn't catch a crook if he pulled at the one on his back side. It was quite obvious to me that he was reading or referring to a prepared script in front of him. He kept looking down in front of him the whole time he was answering. Whereas Richardson faced the audience and camera confidently and spoke fluidly. Biden's a hack. He should have been voted out a long time ago. (And he had NOTHING to do with the 1994 Firearms Act. Another Gore-like claim from a liberal- typical!)


Those who deride the candidates' remarks as "typical Democrat spin" obviously haven't seen the Republicans debate. Both of the major parties engage in endless circumlocution. Richardson had a decent answer, considering his time constraints. Having worked in the gun sales sector, I find no major offense in instant backround checks, although integrating a mental health history into the criminal record check, if feasible, would solve a number of problems and, believe it or not, would actually placate a large number of the "anti-gun" liberals gun owners tend to demonize. Also, many gun owners should refrain from painting all liberals with a broad brush. Many liberals, including me, do support gun rights and own multiple weapons (hanguns and AR style rifles included). Our pleas simply get squeezed out of Democratic party platform by the mainstream party stalwarts (and thus we have splintered off to vote for third parties.)


Thank you Troy! One thing that gets under my skin is being categorized and generalized as a Democrat just because I'm a liberal. Not all liberals are Democrats. Our guns are safe, by the way.

who are the good canidates, you hear so much about the bad ones, i dont know who is pro gun pro hunting.


Politicians seem to go to places that need the least bit of attention. What am I supposed to do give up my gun to a governing body that can't secure our borders? Democrats that come right out and say we should just leave the country's we now occupy and back down? If some other country invaded the USA, do we just count on these politicians to protect us?


I would like to know how the videos were screened for use in the debate. Certainly there had to be some videos submitted which were better worded and presented than the one with the guy refering to his rifle as his baby. In my opinion there seems to be no common sense debate on gun issues on either side. The labeling, or painting with a broad brush seems to occur on both sides as well. Your a right wing, gun nut, wackjob or a left wing liberal treehugging sissy. I dont think politicians on either side give a rats ### about the issue when it comes right down to it. I also really dont think our gun rights are in as much danger as some say they are, regardless of who gets elected. The NRA would be out of buisness if so many of us werent convinced otherwise though and Ted Nugent would have one less banquet to show his ### at. As for me, I have removed myself from the debate. I'm more concerned about having a place (habitat) to take my kid hunting and fishing in the following decades (and having the game to hunt) than I am that I wont have a gun to take with me.

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