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July 02, 2007

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Secret Service Saves President Bush’s Fishing Trip

The Secret Service saved the day when President Bush’s fishing boat was stuck, going nowhere, dead in the water. Maybe he should get their help with his agenda. What do you think?

Check out the whole story here from USA Today.



One question to everyone. Have we had a attack on United States soil since 9/11??? NO!! Leave Bush alone, he's done a excellent job protecting this country from attacks and the only reason that you hear all the BS about him is because of the upcoming election and the very Democratic backed media. I wish the man could run for a third term!!! I would rather have him there than any of the other choices we have other than maybe Mr. Fred Thompson!!

Trae Berryhill

well bush likes to fish i have more respect for him now than i ever did anybody that fishes just cant be all that bad.


Hey Walt Smith, where's Osama Bin Laden? Do you remember that guy, the terrorist that is responsible for 9/11 and is still at large? If your guy Bush is so great at protecting this country why has he forgotten and ignored the person responsible for killing U.S. citizens? And by the way Bush didn't even catch a fish. Question: what kind of a fisherman can't catch a fish? Answer: the same kind that can't catch a terrorist.


Actually, Bush did catch a fish--although it was smaller than the one his daughter caught. Look, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to have a little fun at our president's expense. Late-night talk show hosts take advantage of that very American freedom all the time. So lighten up guys, except you, Walt. You already seem to be in a light and comical mood. I mean, wishing Bush was running for a third term, that must have been a joke, right?


Walt you seem a tad sensitive.
Pointing out that President Bush's current agenda is "stuck, going nowhere, dead in the water" is not a political opinion. It's not liberal, conservative, good, or bad. It's just a fact.
I voted for the man twice, but I have to admit that his influence is severly diminished in the current political climate--and I don't think the Secret Service can help him much there.


Just when I thought your postings couldn't get anymore delusional,you never fail to let me down! King George, King George he's our man! If he can't screw it up,no one can. Bush 08' What a joke! LOL!

You should be even more ashamed. Your posting actually has some intellectual thought in it. Which proves you are capable of it. Then you actually admit to voting for this incompetent fool not once, but twice! You know the old saying, "Fool me once,shame on you,fool me twice, shame on me"!


Lets see- who would I rather see running this country other than Mr. Bush?, Hillary? (Ms "I know how to take care of bad men! Except my husband) NOPE, Giuliani? Don't think he did anything special in NY except take credit for everything;Mitt Romney? I doubt he's even got his NRA hat in the mail yet; Pelosi? UGH NOPE!; Bloomburg? no ****ing way!; Schumer? I don't think so!; Obama? (or could it be Osama ? you know those CIA guys are pretty tricky!) NOPE! We could bring Al Gore back ,he's a much larger canidate now! NOPE! Ted kennedy? Oh thats right he had that driving problem,NOPE; I guess no matter how you look at it and how laughable he might be George is still there until Jan. 2009 , Oh wait maybe Bob Barker will run, at least with him you know up front that the price is RIGHT!


Nice delusional rant.


Thank You Paul!

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