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July 30, 2007

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Neurosurgeon Says Grizzlies Have The Best Sniffers

What critter has the best nose in the woods? According to former neurosurgeon Dr. George Stevenson, it’s the grizzly bear, bar none. A good hound dog’s nose is about 300 times more sensitive than a human’s, he told The Missoulian, and grizzly bear’s is at least seven times better than the hound’s.



But can they flush pheasants!


I can believe that, no problem. Plus, I think that they are habituated to our activity. Human smell along rivers = fish. Bear spray, the faintest little dribble of the stuff, = human food + humans which are soft on the outside and crunchy in the middle. Gunshots mean gut piles. Worse, they are very curious about unusual smells, such as artists' oil paints and country/farm children's after school snacks.

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