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July 26, 2007

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Illinois Public-Land Pot Growers Busted

The news has been loaded with stories about illegal marijuana farms on public land. Now there’s one less farm and two fewer farmers, as Illinois and federal officials have arrested a pair of Mexican immigrants and burned up to 30,000 plants the men were growing in a Cook County forest preserve. Check out the story and video here.



Another reason to stop all immigration to the US.


The cops and feds should have trucked all those plants down to Mexico, sold them all to Mexi hop-heads, and put the money into opening more public land in Illinois.

Matt Mallery

Bil Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, says that once Universal Healthcare in forced on the public, it should cover all illegals because they are hard working. Right he is, they are working hard at growing pot.


I love the fact that one just made bail and took off, do you think he' s coming back? He'll be one of the few sneaking to Mexico, at least he'll know how to get back undetected.

Matt Mallery

He'll come back with a false ID and start all over again. This country is finished. We have sold ourselves out in the name of cheap labor, cheap products, and political correctness. I would ask that future generations of Americans forgive us, but since there won't be any Americans, there is no point in it.

Blue Ox

I can't say it any better than Matt just did.


Come on fellas, don't give up yet. It only takes a little excitement and activism by ourselves. Since more people voted in American Idol than the last presidential election maybe we should get a singing and dancing conservative!


You are exactly right those illegals only come here for two things,free bees & to commit crime.

What is a true American again? I thought this was a melting pot and that that was what this country was to be so proud of. People of different ethnicity, different faiths and different ideas living together.

It seems as if you guys think the only poeple growing or selling drugs are mexicans. I can't wait to see how you guys defend this. Close the borders huh? How about enforcing laws here against all people regardless of their race or wealth.

Matt Mallery

I'm all for enforcing the laws. How about we start with our immigration laws? And as far as "melting pot" goes, that used to mean you come here and become an American. Not come here and expect a bilingual voting ballot and education.

I know, every time I see another language anywhere I think someone is tring to kill me. It is a real headache to see another language in print. I might even expand my brain and learn a bit of another language. Your right burn all spanish literature in the states before we have to learn to read it.

And as far as educating people, who wants a world with educated people? That would be terrible. And before you go on talking about how many dollars and seats in classrooms immigrants are taking from home-grown Americans, think about how responsible our government is in its money spending habits. I could think of many things we spend money on that we could drop.

Look, I totally agree with you Matt, as far as the immigration thing goes. I watch Lou Dobbs from time to time as you seem to, and get pretty depressed when I do. We have outsourced too much of our economy. But it is, as you seem to point out in your first post, our own fault. We can't keep allowing our businesses to take commerce overseas to expand profits and then cry about the lack of jobs later. Its like eating fast food everyday and then bitching when you hit the 300lb mark on the bathroom scale.

And in the end I always come back to how we came to this land and how we gained control of it. The true americans, as you put it, were pushed into corners and degraded long before our present day ''home-grown americans'' pissed their pants for the first time.

Just food for thought. You know, something to keep things in perspective.

Matt Mallery

To the two previous posts,

What happened in the past my not be right, but it's 2007 and we can't turn back the past. we can, however, control the future. And I don't think importing poverty is good for anyone. What we are experiencing is a full blown invasion orchestrated by the Mexican Government and it's people. And if I were to go down there, would they let me stay and vote, get free health care, educate my kids, etc. No! This is a one sided relationship, as invasions always are.


To your point. I would guess that the Mex. Gov. doesn't want anyone staying because they are in poverty and they cannot handle a population increase. I do not think the policy is based on spite, as you seem to indicate. I could be wrong on both assumptions though. If you were right, and this were truly an invasion, I would be all for closing the borders. Later.

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