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July 30, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Politicians Attend Machine-Gun Fundraiser?

Manchester, New Hampshire, city Republican party chairman Jerry Thibodeau has made national news by planning a GOP fundraiser where donors will test their marksmanship with a machine gun. Perhaps not surprisingly, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann had a field day with it, but even local and state Republican reactions are mixed. From the Union Leader:

Fergus Cullen, chairman of the state Republican party, said he knew the event was in the works before it was publicized and hopes he will be able to attend.

"The question I have," Cullen said, addressing critics, "is, 'Have you fired an automatic weapon yourself before?' If the answer is no, maybe you ought to try it before you decry it."

Some local Republicans, including mayoral candidate Joe Levasseur and at-large aldermanic candidate Ray Hebert, took a different view.

"With rising crime rates, we shouldn't be the party that's out there shooting machine guns," Levasseur said.

What do you think? Is a machine-gun fundraiser a good idea?



Not if they are democrats!


Sure!!! Why not? It is still legal to do so. The second amendment is still on the books. I am not sure why this question is being asked considering the audiance. Virtually everyone who comes to this sight owns a gun and most probably own more than one. Furthermore, I would wager that a majority on here own at least one semi-automatic gun. No need to be "politically correct".

Richard Paradis

Yup, "in your face politics" is gonna be a winner.

We have lots of rights and freedoms that we do not have to push in the face of someone that is not interested in that at all and by doing so that person now becomes willing to restrict that freedom.

I remember in Portland, Maine a few years ago a man took a holstered handgun to a public gathering (Deering Oaks Festival?). He was legally allowed to do so but the police stopped him at the gate. I suspect most people sided with the police (I did, even though I am a staunch firearms advocate and practioner of concealed carry). Republicans (I am one) are brain dead to think they can promote their candidates through stunts like this.

I will never vote for a anti-gun politician (literally all Democrats) but I will also not be swayed by the kissing of babies and the shooting of machine guns. Get conservative ideas out there and be able to defend them. They are winning ideas.

Rusty from Oakfield

This question is for Joe Levasseur.What does a man going out and having a good time doing something he enjoys and is protected by the U.S. Constitution have to do with rising crime rates? People this is the kind "leadership" we continue to tolerate! They don't care about whats right or wrong, just votes! Joe, it's time to come out of the P.C. fantasy and into the real world.

paul Wilke

Fundraiser? He's got my money!

Will Becker

Why not? What people think shouldn't matter at all.


While the event sounds like fun I would not think less of a politician from either party for not attending. Can you imagine the field day some media elements might have using video of aspiring politicians spraying lead out of a full auto weapon? Not on a good day does anycampaign manager want to see that coverage!
On the other hand it would certainly expose as frauds those politicos who have pandered to us for money and votes yet haven't the first clue about firearms use, safety etc.
Bottom line is No I would not attend were I seeking office, though I would love to attend as John Q public; How about an invite, Jerry?

Sherrill Philip Neese

It may not be politically correct in this day and age, but I think it's a great idea. Why not go have some fun and enjoy yourself. As to the weak sisters in the GOP who are sniveling... They wonder why the party had such a rough time during the last election or why people aren't happy with their performance? Folks were expecting change and something different when the party took over and for most the part, all they got was more of the same... along with a bunch of gutless wonders who are afraid to stand up to anyone or stand for anything. If I wanted a bunch of namby pamby hand wringers I would voted for someone Schumer or Kennedy.

(Hmmmm... I just reread my post. I guess next time I won't sugar coat it) ;-)

SW Michigan Hunter

I am sick and tired of political correctness. Quit riding the fence. I say don't just step on a few toes, Stomp on them. Our ForeFathers did and we need to honor their memory.

Mark W.

How do I get invited to the party?...I'll donate and bring extra ammo!!!


I caught a piece of the Democrats U-tube debate where one of the Question askers wanted to know their views on the 2nd amendment and how they would protect his "baby" and of course he picked up his M16 and hugged it. These candidates had a field day with this. I'm sure it was all stagged so they could make their point about the need for renewal of the assault weapons ban. The dimms are still working the Need for more Gun Control issue with the younger u-tube crowd. The dimms haven't changed their stripes just disguised them differntly.

Jim Kiser

To Mr Paradis and others who feel I shouldn't exercise my right to do something legal because they don't like it. Just where do you want to carry this? Who gave you and the cops the right to hassle someone who isn't breaking any laws? Joe Biden and the rest of the Demos feel anyone who wants to own a gun is crazy. Check out some of the bills they have in Congress right now. Frankly if Mr. Paradis and the police are uncomfortable with my open or concealed carry then repeal the 2nd Amemdment. Otherwise shut up and stay in your home. Here in Va. the VCDL.org and other gun groups are tired of various politicians, police and the media thinking they are the safety gestapo.We are doing our best to be "in their face". A right that can't be used or exercised isn't a right anymore.

Listen I have several guns. I love to shoot and hunt.

But can someone enlighten me as to why citizens need assault rifles without citing the 2nd?


I think it was Stalin who said one man with a gun can control one hundred without one. the only gov. to fear is a gov. that fears my guns

Gil Martin

Absolutely! I am confident that the machine gun(s) at the event were legally registered and permitted Class III firearms. There are about 120,000 law-abiding citizens who own machine guns and are certainly not criminals. They are merely exercising their Constitutional rights.

The antis will spew out their anti-gun propaganda. So what. I attend every machine gun shoot I can. All the best...

Sherrill Philip Neese

"Listen I have several guns. I love to shoot and hunt.

But can someone enlighten me as to why citizens need assault rifles without citing the 2nd?"

Sure. No problem.
1. Because I can
2. Because they are fun to shoot
3. Crime
4. I like putting rounds down range in a rapid fashion. Hmmm... that one sounds like number 2. :-)
5. It's not a matter of needing. It's a matter of wanting.
6. Why not?

That's a couple of reasons for now. I'm sure some folks can come up with others.


"Listen I have several guns. I love to shoot and hunt.

But can someone enlighten me as to why citizens need assault rifles without citing the 2nd?"

If you follow this line of reasoning then why would anyone NEED a Sports Car, after all they can exceed the speed limit. Why should anybody NEED to use a Fly Rod when a spinning rod would be more productive. Remember todays Bolt Action Rifles were once the millitary standard and if you can really hunt all you need is a sharp stick to kill a white tail.


I'm a hunter,a shooter,and I own several rifles.I have never used the term assault rifles when discribing semiautos.

Mike Diehl

"But can someone enlighten me as to why citizens need assault rifles without citing the 2nd?"

The question is irrelevent because the "need" is not yours to judge. If you mean "why would anyone want one?" then the answer is that they are fun to shoot. Fortunately the Constitution does not require an excuse, nor a justification of need, nor any explanation.

I don't own one. I hope one day I will. But they're not assault rifles. There's no burst fire or full auto modes, and most of em lack bayonet lugs.

Just like I thought. You cannot.

I spoke nothing of semi-autos!
Once again you change the subject of a debate - you lose!

I hope none of you are ever in a situation like this....

You are in your car with your mother, wife and child. A man runs up to you; masked. HE HAS A MACHINE GUN/ASSAULT RIFLE. He aims it at your mother first. The rounds peel out faster than you can grab at your gun under your seat. No matter the type you possess. All in the car perish except you. You shoot the gunman in the back out of rage as he flees with your wallet. A trial that consumes the next 19 months of your life ensues.

But then...you will go to congress with tears that never leave your eyes; screaming in agony to ban FULLY AUTO WEAPONS FROM THE POPULACE. YOU WOULD.

I never said anything about semi-autos. The article references machine guns. I assumed they were fully auto. I never even said to ban them. I am no anti-gunner; I have several. My question asked for REAL reasons why a fully automatic weapon needs to be in the hands of any citizen.

Because I can.
Because it is fun.
Because I like sending rounds rapidly down range.

Great reasons.
Thank you for your intolerant ignorance.

And I know fully auto weapons are illegal without the proper permit.
But the kits, to convert semi-autos, as you all know, are easy to get, cheap and readily available. May you never have a weapon such as this in your face.
By the time you wish it wasn't available, it will be too late.

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