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July 24, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Shotgun-Only Hunters, Want to Shoot a Rifle?

In a major regulations change that could influence other shotgun-only areas, the state of Indiana will allow rifles chambered for pistol cartridges for the upcoming deer season.
From the Times-Union:

Allowed under the new regulation are rifles with pistol cartridges that fire a bullet of .357-inch diameter or larger, have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.625 inches. . . .

Local gun shop owners said the new rule is already generating excitement among customers.

"A lot of guys have heard about it and they're excited about it," said Dave Housouer, owner of Eagle Creek Shooting Supply Co., Warsaw.

Kirk Johnson, owner of Albertson's Sport Shop, said the new rule will attract new hunters.

"I think it's going to generate a lot of interest with people who haven't been able to deer hunt before," said Johnson. "People who can't shoot shotguns because of the recoil will be able to shoot these rifles."

Would you like to have this opportunity in your shotgun-only area?


Brian M.

Exactly what cal. are allowed?


That would be sweet; not only would I not have to take the kick of my 12 gauge, but it would also give me an excuse to buy another gun. I have always had my eye one a 44 mag lever gun.


Hell yeah, iv been waiting to use a rifle of any kind since I moved to virginia, which has to be the gayest state. no rifles, no food plots, no salt licks, make you map out where you can use which gun with highway intersections and commercial zones. I'd rather use a .44 rifle then a shotgun anyday. Just waiting to use the model 70 i bought a month before i moved to this forsaken place. Thats why its N.C. for me.


You've got VA mixed up with somewhere else....
Of course you can use a rifle, in most of the state.
Of course you can plant a food plot.
No you can't use salt as bait, but why would you want to, we have a huge deer population now and if you need salt to get 'em, you ain't much of a hunter.
Yes VA uses highways as dividers between zones, easy as pie, just know where the heck you are.
Come to the less populated SW VA mountains sometime, millions of acres of natonal forest, use your mdl 70 till your heart's content. There's more to VA than the I-95 corridor.

Blue Ox

Cool! Does this mean I can finally bring out my marlin 45/70?!

NE Hunter

Rifle resrictions are based upon popuation densities and topographical layout for safety reasons. Coming from New England, we have to deal with state by state and intrastate restrictions. Just be happy that we are still allowed to hunt period. BTW: I have harvested 4 deer in my 3 trips to IN with a Browning BPS 12GA and my shoulder feels fine. Just do your homework and hunt well. With Sabot Slugs, a rifled barrel, and practice I am dead on at 100+ yds anyway.

Trent M.

NO blue ox, you cannot bring out your .45/70. That won't stop people though. I am from Indiana, and work in a sporting goods store, and every tom dick and harry that comes through the doors all the suddent thinks that they can use their .30/30. That is not the case. The indiana law is going to allow rifles that fire calibers like the .357 mag, .44 mag, .45 long colt, .41, and other similar pistol rounds. ONLY PISTOL CALIBER ROUNDS. But, idiots who don't read the regs will use any "rifle" they can find. It won't recruit new hunters, because if they can't use a .410 they arent hunting anyway. This is a joke, and the next couple years are going to be hell with morons using illegal weapons. This is a bunch of John Wayne wannabes getting to use their toy guns. PERIOD.


i would just get a rifle chambered for the .500 mag, biggest handgun cartridge in the world


Hey TD Howard, The fact is the half of the state IM in i cant use rifle, i cant provide deer with a vital nutrient that i use to benefit the deer, not sit over a cube and wait for somethin to show up. And in chesapeake county food plots are not allowed. Now if you'd like to invite me, id be happy to come to western virginia to hunt rifle.


You called VA gay, but you're talking about a single locality within VA.

First of all Chesapeake is a CITY not a county.
Food plots that are planted are legal, but distribution of bait isn't. there's a difference.
Here's a link, sounds like you need to read up a little. http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/downloads/2007-2008-hunting-regulations.pdf

Western VA is always open, you have a standing invitation to come and hunt Washington/Jefferson National forest, The Grayson Highlands, The Big Survey or Havens WMA.
hundreds of thousands of acres, for the price of a license. Come up, camp for a few days bring the Mdl 70.


The .50 is not the "biggest handgun cartridge in the world".

I know of handgun calibers in the .60 cal range and some blackpowder handguns in the .70 cal range


I'm unclear as to the great benefit of shooting a .44 mag over a 12 guage slug or sabot.

Its true the handgun cartridge will get you a flatter trajectory but you are giving up a whole lot of energy to get it.

I'll stick to my slug gun...at least until true rifle cals are allowed.


Chesapeake is a county. Thanks, id know.


Ill admit i was carried away to bash VA. I know the rules for my area, i follow the rules for my area as i always have. Iv spoken with the local game warden and he told me and several other hunters that while growing crops is not illegal, and food plots fit the technicality, they can also be percieved as bait.. If you dont believe chesapeake is a county, look under local firearm restrictions.


I'm a VA state employee with over 15 years of service.
Chesapeake is a CITY.
It has a city form of government and Annexed all of Nansemond County years ago. While it's big like a county, IT IS A CITY.

The link I gave you was the OFFICIAL rules and regs manual for hunting and traping direct from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Look up the difference in baiting and growing food plots. Food plots are considered and called "Good management practice" in the regs.

I also teach hunter ed, I've over 200 teaching hours. I run into this all the time. You are repeating what you THINK is correct, and argueing your belief in a public forum, but have not actually bothered to read the official material concerning what you think you know. I suggest that you take a VIRGINIA hunter Education course, or go to Walmart and pick up a copy of the rules and regs.


Hey i admited my mistakes, let it die.


This is a great move other Midwestern states like Illinois and Iowa should follow suit,there is much data showing rifles safer than shotguns.Here in Wisconsin where we use both,most accidents seem to involve slugs ,last time I checked data.

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