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July 23, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is Record-Smallmouth-Eating Canuck Nuts?

Steve Grail of Almonte, Ontario, says he caught a 12-plus-pound smallmouth bass—which would easily eclipse the world record of 11 pounds 15 ounces and the Canadian record of 9.84 pounds. But we’ll never know if it really weighed that much. Why?

From the Ottawa Citizen:

What Mr. Grail did after he landed the bass isn't funny at all, especially to serious fishermen. He filleted the fish.

This is like painting over a Picasso, or turning down a date with a supermodel to attend a Senate committee hearing. . . .

Whether it's a record or not will not change Mr. Grail's plans for the fish.
"I'm going to eat it," he said.

Is Grail nuts? Or is everyone else just record-crazy?


suburban bushwacker

he went fishing, he caught a fish, he ate a fish.
sounds sane to me!


I would have weighed it on a certified scale instantly and then get it on ice. I would take measurements of length and girth and take a ton of pictures. Then it would be off to the taxidermist. I would then certify it as a record and sell it to Bass Pro or cabelas.


allowing it to die and not eating would have been a waste and real sportsmen don't waste the game they harvest, so I applaud Mr. Grail's decision


Definitely record crazy... whether it's fish, fowl, or mammal it seems that you're no kind of hunter if you don't kill the biggest, baddest critter in the woods.

At least if you get a deer or elk mounted, you can still eat the meat.


By and large, sportsmen are record-crazy. This guy's story is refreshing.


go look at the picture that accompanies the story.
He claims the fish is 22" inches long, which it may well be, however he also claims it has a girth of 24 inches.
The fish in the pic, is a good one, maybe 6, 7 lbs, but I don't see the fat football shaped monster that would weigh 12 lbs.
He's just having a little fun with everybody gullible enough to buy the story.
The World record fish at just over 11 lbs, was more than 27 inches long!

kathy McGrath

Steve is from Arnprior, not Almonte. Enough people saw this fish prior to his filleting it to dispell any negative opinions on it's weight and size. He has signed statements from witnesses verifying weight and measurements. Biologists have verified this to be a true smallmouth bass. Steve fishes for sport and eats what he catches. He is not a trophy hunter. he simply wanted to share his story with fellow anglers. Stve is my brother. He has been bringing home large fish for as long as I can remember. He's well known in the area for his abilities with a rod and reel. These pictures that are under intense scrutiny were taken at my dad's house in teh presaence of family and friends. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THIS IS TRUE WORLD RECORD BREAKER. Another nice catch Steve, too bad it wasn't a pickerel eh? His fish of choice.

Shannon Parks

I've known Steve for years, my father has fished with Steve many of times and I'll tell you one thing, he does'nt care if its 2 pounds or world record. He goes to have a good time and catch something to have for supper, what more can you say.

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