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July 20, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Billionaire Be Prosecuted for Helicopter Hunt?

Houston billionaire Dan Duncan admits he shot a moose and a sheep from a helicopter in Russia five years ago. He assumed the guided hunt was legal. What he can’t understand is why he’s being investigated for it here. From Reuters:

Hardin expressed astonishment at the investigation in Texas by a U.S. prosecutor involving an event in Russia. The applicable law could be a 107-year-old law intended to stop international trafficking in rare plants and animals, he said.

"What the hell is the U.S. interest in bringing felony charges here for hunting on Russian soil, where not one single person has complained?" Hardin told the [Houston] Chronicle. "Is this really the best use of our prosecutorial resources?"

What do you think? Is it?



This is yet another example of a prosecutor looking for a sensationalist case to get publicity for himself and thus increase his odds of attaining higher office.

Matt Mallery

This "hunter" is scum. He should have known hunting from a helicopter is illegal. And as far as why America should care, we as hunters have a duty to police our own ranks. This guy makes us all look bad. Conservation has to be global and not just national.


This is the biggest crock of donkey sh*t I have ever heard of. These animals are not on an endangered species list and were harvested on foreign soil, so America has no right to prosecute him. Russia could, but we should not. Another perfect example of how our tax dollars are wasted.


This fool is not a hunter to begin with, anyone who considers it hunting, to shoot wildlife from a helicopter or any vehical for that matter is a poacher in my books. Prosecute away.

Mike Diehl

There's two issues here. Apparently hunting from a helicopter was a violation of Russian law. Jurisdiction would I suppose lie with a Russian court, and they should file charges and seek extradition.

The second issue is whether or not this guy illegally imported animal parts. I would not be surprised that under US law, legal importation would require that the parts not have been illegally obtained overseas.

So, I don't see what the billionaire is grousing about. If he did not mean to break the law and is found guilty a reasonable fine, some community service, and a "don't do it again" would seem sufficient.


Aerial hunting to me is too much like shooting fish in a barrel. I get a lot of info on shooting wolves in Alaska and from what I've read it doesn't seem sportsmanlike. I enjoy throwing a line out and making an attempt to outsmart the fish. I don't need or want anymore technology to ruin that feel. I'm betting he also had a high tech scope on that rifle. The billionaire has made so much money that he needs to find something else to do with it. Send him to Florida and I will teach him to fish with my old Penn.

Matt Mallery

Too bad his helicopter did not crash while he was in it.


prosecute the scumbag just because hes rich dosnt give him special rights!


I know I would assume a guided hunt was being done legally. So I dont see any intent to commit a crime. Not that it matters any more in our system of government.

What I am conserned about is that they are investgating if russian laws were broken, especally when the russian are not investgating it at all. It is not as if they are asking for this guy to be exridted to face charges.

Wasting law enforcemnt dollars on a subject as this is a good reason why crime is so rampant in America.

Slick Rick

Ever see Texas Parks & Wildlife use helicopters to control coyotes and hogs? It's none of their business what went on over there.


I think that hitting a moving target from a moving helicopter would be quite difficult, even if the target was as large as a moose. Even in a hover, choppers are not very stable. would it have been sporting if he had shot a prarie dog from a helo? It's none of the U.S. business what he did in Russia. Let them deal with him IF he in fact broke any laws.


Extradict the shameful fool.. I don't care how much money he has! What he did was not ethical and he is absolutley no hunter.. This is where the "high fence" hunting mindset get's us folks. Thi sis how teh intrinsic value of hunting is lost and how real hunters lose public support. I think a year in a Russian jail would be a good experience for him.

The "it's his own business" crowd that claims to be hunters is a disease among our own ranks - Send them to the Russian jail too !

gregory tillis

I agree with two of the previous writers; we should indeed police our fellow hunters, this also is an example of an over zealous prosecuter trying to gain recognition.


Enough, already. What he did in Russia should stay in Russia. Let the Russians raise a stink about it. Who does the prosecutor think he is? Paris Hilton?


What is wrong with all of you guys? What makes you the ones who say what is right and what is wrong, and where does it end? What about the people who say we should only hunt with long bow and arrow no compound bow no guns? What do you feel when your hunting is under attack? Do some research on high fence hunting in Texas where the ranch is huge and would take days to cross on foot. It is not all bad, don't bad mouth all high fence hunting, or all bait hunting. It is all relative to the hunt and the area being hunted if you do some research you will see that there are always good and bad for almost all types of hunting you have an opinion on. Don't just have a knee jerk reaction to this stuff think about it and then reflect on whether or not you want someone telling you that what you do is unfair or wrong. Do not try to be politically correct all it will do is get you killed by groups like PETA. There was a guy who works for a news paper and radio station on the radio in Colorado today saying that “HUNTING IS AS BAD AS WHAT MICHAEL VICK DID TO THOSE DOGS.” And “IF YOU HUNT YOU ARE SICK BECAUSE YOU JUST LIKE TO KILL THINGS.” (The sports station was AM 950 the fan feel free to email and call to voice your displeasure) Do you honestly think people like that care if you hunt by spot and stalk in “fair chase” conditions or if you bait or if you hunt from a helicopter? Answer is no they don’t care they just want to shut us down, and every time we take a step back and concede something we do is wrong they win and we lose something we might not ever be able to get back from them stop giving in to the enemy people.

Joshua, Joshua, Joshua,

Once again the same old arguments when alot of people agree something isn't quite ethical.

Afew people here are saying it would be hard to hit a moose even from a helocopter. Thats not the point. Look at the ground you cover in any type of hunt for any creature in a vehicle of any type. Its not just the shot, or the acreage; its the fact that it is deemed unfair BY THE MAJORITY OF HUNTERS AND NON-HUNTERS AND ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS!

Stop saying to ''stand together no matter what!'' - that is ignorant.

Stop saying '' if we concede something, we may never get it back, or we will lose things that aren't deemed un-ethical.'' - Debate the issue at hand. And if it is deemed ''outdated, or cruel, or no longer done in the spirit it was first made legal in'' - change tactics and stop crying.

As far as idiots equating hunters, to Mike Vick - I wouldn't worry yourself there, or try to panic anyone else about it.
The majority of people know the difference between killing for fun and killing for food.






FUXX Legality - Trust your heart!


Do the rest of you now see what I mean? This guy does what all animal rights idiots err I mean activists do. They start of by saying don't worry its different this is wrong this "kind" of hunting is barbaric, and then as his posts go on you find out what he really thinks. "Trophy hunting is like dog fighting” did you read that? It has gone from hunting in a helicopter to all trophy hunting is wrong and sick. They swarm and attack like ants and will not stop at helicopter hunts, or high fences, or at no hunting. They will not be happy until all guns are taken from you and all animals are viewed as equals to humans and if you kill one you go to prison. Do not trust their agenda they are nothing but liars and human haters. I just feel sorry for the people who love their pets and are joining PETA over all this free press they are getting. PETA believes that it is a unfair form of slavery to "own" a pet so any pet owner who is a member of PETA is paying them money so they can try and take away their pets. These people are crazy and you do not try and appease crazy people you point out they are crazy so that the sane people see them for what they are. Next time you post at least put your name on it. If you believe in what you say so much at least you could put your name with your misguided and horribly sad words.


You guys are so blind to the natural world. Go into the woods and watch a two coyotes kill and eat a deer. They start eating the hind quarters before the deer is dead. Killer whales play with seals and other pray items batting them into the air sometimes for hours at a time. Lions kill hyenas just because; chimpanzees are cannibals and eat monkeys when they can catch them. Nature is not a loving mother who is fair and wants everything to live and get along. Nature could not care less about you it is trying to kill you every second of everyday. With weather, cold, disease, and predators (which human being are and have been for thousands of years, we are not aliens who moved here and are screwing the planet up) if you doubt that move to Alaska with nothing more than your wits and a knife and see how long you make it. I think that should be the new reality show Environmentalist survivor. Take these greenie idiots and stick them in the wild of Alaska or Africa or South America with primitive tools and see how long they make it. Lets see if the lions or bears care enough to let the humans live. Maybe the bears will because they are omnivores like humans so they don't need to eat meat they could survive on a vegetarian diet. See if that works as they drag you away maybe if you call out to Mother Nature she will save you. But I doubt it.

Go ahead Joshua, whatever the name means?

Make yourself feel better about senseless killing by saying mother nature is cruel. Mother nature has no conscience you turd.
Neither does anyone that kills for fun or trophy alone.

What the hell does living in the outdoors with nothing but a knife have to do with this topic?

Keep calling everyone idiots and freaks though, it shows you have nothing relevant to say at all.

There is a difference between an animal that has no conscience killing for food (to survive)and a man killing, that doens't really need that food, with no other thought than a new rack.

Joshua - Eat shxx!

You are wrong.
Kill for sport alone = a cowardly fool

Oh and by the way - I said nothing about taking away anyone's form of hunting. I am no peta member looking to take all your rights - I am simply enraged by anyone that kills for no other reason than a new rack or because they think killing is fun.

If you kill a deer for food and want to keep the rack - fine. If you kill it just for the rack and waste the meat or give it up to justify your killing, you ar a dishonest, killing piece of garbage. And I wish you could lose that right.

Unfortuneatley, most humans are liars and there would be no way to see between the guy that kills for food and the guy that kills for the rack. But he knows - And if you belive in a god - so does he.

Also you argument that we shouldn't care about cruelty to animals because they are cruel to us is so weak I just crapped my pants laughing - Surely you jest!

Are you serious?

The next time you blast an unsuspecting deer to get the rack - write down everything it did to you to deserve it - then realize you need no paper or pen.

I kill deer for food - that is justified killing; because as the true owners of this land - if a human could be anything but a steward, the native americans killed and wasted nothing - they killed for sustenance, warmth and housing - NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO IMPRESS THEIR FRIENDS WITH A $3,000 RACK THEY BOUGHT AT A RANCH.

Get a clue.

Oh and why not follow your advice;
go take a knife and take a long hike away from falsehood, ignorance and denial and find REALITY.


The common denominator is killing an animal and for the anti's it is often even more basic, "not giving animals equal rights" and any "use" of an animal. Sport hunting, meat hunting, meat production, pet raising, rodeo, circus, zoo, medical research and even drinking milk all fall into the same category of being a target for extinction. So my proposition is; the "sportsman" that falls into the trap of condemning another use of animals in order to save his own is simply feeding he wolf so that it can live another day and eventually eat him!

There are so many once purposeful and now often misused laws on the books virtually anyone can be prosecuted for something any day of the week. If we encourage our governments to use antiquated laws to assist us in our ethical debates we and our sport may end up on the gallows.

Condemning or labeling a guy a "scumbag" wishing the helicopter had crashed etc. won't save sport hunting but it sure will go a long way towards banning some legitimate uses of aircraft for wildlife management. Several nations governments have and continue to require the use of helicopters to cull, capture and haze animals. And some nations depend on civilians ie. sportsmen to pay the expensive airtime, and assist with this process.

There are numerous attacks on bow hunting as being unethical, cruel, inefficient and etc. Also rifles as being too efficient, unsportsmanlike, unfair, and etc. Not to mention the debates about inline vs. flint muzzleloaders. Given enough time in the name of preservation, we sportsmen might just throw most all of us under the bus!

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