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July 27, 2007

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Colorado Mule Bucks Mother Nature

Hell has frozen over. The apocalypse is here. A mule has foaled.

From The Denver Post:

When it reportedly happened in Morocco five years ago, locals feared it signaled the end of the world. In Albania in 1994, it was thought to have unleashed the spawn of the devil on a small village.

But on a Grand Mesa ranch, the once-in-a-million, genetically "impossible" occurrence of a mule giving birth has only drawn keen interest from the scientific world.



I just spilled my mountain dew on my desk!!! But I bet nobody cares about that either.

Blue Ox

Never say never....


I told a friend of mine that is in the 'mule business' and he had first hand knowledge of this miraculous event. He claims that it happens less than 1 in a million times and that they are going to try to breed this same mule AGAIN. They are going to inseminate it with both jack and horse semen so that it will hopefully take regardless of what type of egg it drops.

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