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July 25, 2007

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Antis Aim at Adidas’ Kangaroo Leather

Technically speaking, according to an Adidas spokesperson, a recent California Supreme Court ruling did not ban Adidas AG from selling shoes made of kangaroo leather in the state. It did, however, rule that a state law against the sale of such goods is not pre-empted by federal laws that allow them. In short, the animal rights group that brought the suit is making headway. Check out the full story here.


Matt Mallery

The kangeroos in Australia are plentiful. Another crazy California law based on emotion and not science.


kangaroos are more than plentiful - they are taking over the Australian continent! Think I'll buy me a pair of kangaroo tennis shoes.

Sherrill Philip Neese

I agree with the above posters, we are not talking about an endangered species here. Kangaroos have a large population in Australia and are considered more of a pest than blessing.

As for Kangaroo leather, it is actually pretty nice. There is a lot of stuff available online. I have both a scheduler and a note book with Kangaroo covers and they are excellent. I also have a Kangaroo hide, which is soft and supple. Bottom line, I would recommend it to everybody.

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