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July 30, 2007

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Angered Angler Arrested for Stabbing Sea Lion

When a nearby sea lion stole 24-year-old Hai Nguyen’s bait as he fished along California’s Newport Beach, the enraged angler allegedly stabbed the animal with a steak knife, injuring it so badly it had to be put down. Nguyen has been arrested and could face a $25,000 fine and year in prison. Read the report here.



It is the lack of respect from these anglers that can give other anglers as well as hunters. jail him, fine him, deport him, next case

Matt Mallery



Sea lions are becoming a regular menace to fishermen off the west coast. While Nguyen's actions were certainly wrong, this does raise the question of what is to be done about the exploding population of these protected sea mammals?

It's currently illegal to so much as harass them, even as they have learned to follow the fishing boats for easy snacks and to dive on crab pots to pick out the tasty crustaceans.


There used to be more of the bigger predators to keep the sea lions in check, (Great Whites and Orca) but not anymore. Consequently there ought to be a hunting season on them, since they are obviously getting too plentiful. To bad Mr. Nguyen got turned in, sounds like he needs some help with his temper (big deal).

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