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June 18, 2007

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Utah Black Bear Kills 11-Year-Old Boy

In Utah’s American Fork Canyon, wildlife officers and bloodhounds are searching for what they believe is a killer black bear after a night of family camping turned horrific.
From The Salt Lake Tribune:

The boy's family - his mother, stepfather and a 6-year-old brother - heard the boy screaming and rushed [to his tent] to help, but he was already gone. Searchers followed bear tracks into the forest and about 11:35 p.m. found the boy's remains - about 400 yards away from the shredded tent.



This is terrible, and I feel for the family, but I have to ask several questions.
Why were they camping with small children in an area where bears were causing recent problems?
Why was the child in a tent ALONE in an area where bears were causing recent problems?
Had a ranger or any camp personnel warned the parents of the recent bear activity and that they had actually had an attack in a tent recently?
All too often it seems these incidents could be easily avoided, as with the gentleman that was attacked by the grizzly in Grand Teton last week who forgot his bear spray, and wandered around ALONE anyway knowing full well that bears were in the immediate area.

What do we as humans expect from wild animals?

Are we not told as children about bear safety while camping. I know I was, and we didn't even camp in bear country.

I feel for the boy and the bear.

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