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June 15, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is Democrat-Authored Gun Bill Good?

There are some very unusual things going on in Washington at the moment. First, the 110th congress is actually making progress on a piece of bipartisan legislation. Second, despite being a gun-control bill authored by a Democrat, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), that legislation has the NRA’s support.

From Fox News:
"Each year, tens of thousands of barred individuals slip through the cracks of the system and gain access to firearms," McCarthy said in a statement. "Simply put, the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) must be updated on both the state and federal level. . . ."

[Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui] Cho's case is apparently one of those that fell through the cracks. . . .
"Our members don't want mental defectives and criminals buying handguns," said [the NRA’s Wayne] LaPierre. "We supported the background checks and support the money to make it work effectively."
Check out the full story and tell us what you think.


CA McDonough

I would read the fine print on any bill a Democrat would forward concerning anything, especially gun control. I guarantee something in this bill not specifically touted and definitely anti-gun will become law should this bill pass. Remember Brady? It was only supposed to apply to handguns, yet there was a provision in the bill which eventually applied to rifles and shotguns after the bill became law. In other words, CAVEAT EMPTOR.


Thats the truth. I still cant believe that field & stream put the Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl as a hero when his voting record concerning guns is what it is. I think if they want to compare Romney and Kohl they ought to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. I'm not saying that everything the Dems do is bad either, just that you have to look closely at their past voting to understand who they really are. At least Romney joined the NRA and has shot a gun. Romney isn't trying to perfect the art of hunting he's trying to perfect the art of politics.


The NRA is a trojan horse making deals with the gungrabbers,can't trust them anymore. I'm a life member and won't ever donate to them again!


I agree with William! NRA, No good gungrabbers!


I can't believe you all! How many times have we heard we don't need new gun laws we need to enforce the ones we got.


Some common sense finally and your all pissed because it wasn't a republican making it? When it comes to our rights we need every friend we can get regardless of party affiliation.


Amen, Jason! We've got to stick together to protect our gun rights, and if we all turn on the NRA, we have nothing to fall back on.

John D.

People who are legally insane should not have guns. That's all the bill does, and that's why the NRA supports it. Should someone like John Hinckley be allowed to buy a gun? I say no.


I agree and i think that anyone who supports us is a good friend and i'll accept them. But Sen. Herb Kohl is not a friend of the gun owners and I don't like him because of the that not because he's a dem.

Legislation is bigger than the legislators. I think that this is a good piece of legislation considering what could have happened as a knee jerk reaction to the recent tragic shooting at Virginia Tech. I believe you don't have to like a politician or agree with them 100% for them to still pass legislation that has your interests at heart. And let me say this, if another Virgina Tech is allowed to happen because of existing bills not working properly then a whole storm of bad legislation is going to come down. If this happens we're all in for it.


We don't need more gun bills, we just need good people bills.


The NRA is for sale. Their not on the sportsmen side. Their caving to the other side,nothing but gungrabbers. I'm cancelling my membership,and I suggest ya all do the same!


The only questions I have is where does the figure "tens of thousands" come from? I'm sure that "some" people fall through the cracks, but "tens of thousands" seems a might high. Politicians that use terms like this seem to be trying to sensationalize something to get their way. Some people will read that number and believe it, when in reality it probably isn't true and they will pass the falacy on. I agree with trying to fix a known problem, but don't over dramatize it, just fix it.

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