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June 08, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Would You Vote for Richardson?

From The Benton Crier:

Bill Richardson — governor, presidential candidate, hunter — is a good shot, and he has the prey to prove it...

He owns a 12-gauge Browning over-and-under shotgun, which he‘s used for hunting birds, including quail and dove. Richardson also owns a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol, which is not for hunting, but he has a state permit to carry it concealed. He‘s borrowed rifles to hunt big game such as elk, deer and the oryx.

In campaign appearances, Richardson cites his Western political roots to explain his positions on issues such as gun control and an endorsement by the National Rifle Association during his gubernatorial re-election last year.

Unlike Republican candidate Mitt Romney, this Democrat’s claims of being a real hunter seem to be substantiated. So, would you vote for Richardson?


Mike Diehl

Bill Richardson's OK by me and the only Dem in the current candidate field that interests me.


No way will I vote for any Democrat. Fred Thompson, all the way!!

Justin Scott

Richardson is a good candidate with lots of executive and foreign policy experience. Unfortunately, he hasn't been doing well in his recent public appearances. So even though I'd vote for him, it may not matter - he won't make it through the primaries at this rate.

Grant B.

Richardson should be commended for his positions in favor of the rights of both hunters and gun owners. However, I am leery of supporting a Democrat. My reasoning is simple. The majority of elected Democrats have been very inconsistent on these issues. By giving the Democratic party more power, the agenda of antigunners like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton is given strength as well. I want no part in that.


Fred Thompson is the MAN!!!!! All one has to do is listen to him filling in for Paul Harvey and actually listen to the man and his views too figure this out. The man has something that has been missing from the white house since Gerald Ford and that is COMMON SENSE.


I'd be glad to take a stroll through the quail prairies with Gov. Richardson, but I vote for him as president I would not. No fault of his own, but these days you elect the party as much as you do the individual.
The GOP has a lot of cleaning up to do, but at least they aren't coming after my guns, taking more of my paycheck, and providing free shelter for felons... I mean "immigrants".

John D.

Richardson is the best man running. He's smart, experienced, and no trust fund baby.

By the way, Walt Smith, what is your definition of "immigrant"? John Smith was an immigrant when he landed at Jamestown 400 years ago.


Yes, Gov. Richardson is a reasonable man and knowledgeable about the environment, executive skills and international relations.

Stan G

Yes, if the choice between him & Guiliani or McClain. Otherwise Fred's the man.

Sherrill Philip Neese

My thoughts on this are pretty much in line with the other entries. Richardson may be a great guy, but I would not vote for him. Not because of his personal politics, but because of all the others that would come along with him and his party whose politics I definitely have problems with.

People may disagree, but a vote for one member of his party validates, and empowers, the positions of all members of his party. The only reason Leahy, Boxer, and Feinstien are chairs of Senate committees and the only reason Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House is because someone voted for a democrat during the last election. Why is this? Because the democrats have the majority and they have the seniority in the Democratic party and therefore they will be in charge. Given the way the system works, one can vote for a democrat who is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when you cast your vote you also put the others in charge and you might as well be voting for Chuck Schumer.

Bottom line, to think that if Richardson is elected he will only appoint people who think along the same lines as he does is just naive. As soon as he walks through the door of the White House the rest of the democratic party, with all of their baggage, will be right there with him expecting their share of the pie.

Dr. Ralph

No Dumbocrats...


Call me old fashioned but I don't believe a vote for a candidate is a vote for the party. I vote for the candidate [I don't give a hoot what the party is]. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great example that the man is not the party. He goes out of his way to work on issues that are traditionally dubbed "liberal" yet he retains his GOP conservative points and goes with what he believes in. I realize he's not the best example but hey, it does prove that a candidate is not the party. For the record Arnold was an immigrant too, much like all of our ancestors were at one time.


Some people have said here that they've got problems voting for a good candidate who belongs to a political party that they don't like.

Well, what about candidates from the party that has stood squarely behind some of the worst outdoors and wilderness policies we've seen since god-knows-when? What about a party that has concentrated wealth so greatly in the hands of so few that eventually only those who can "pay to play" will have access to the best hunting and fishing? What about the party that has happily allowed so much power to be concentrated in the executive and security branches of government that the (current) President could call off a national election if he perceived some kind of nebulous "security threat"? (Don't think he wouldn't do it.)

Bill Richardson might be the only reasonable candidate out there, from either party. In light of all the others, he's a moderate and a real outdoorsman.


Yes, Arnold was an immigrant but a legal immigrant.


My numbr one issue this election is illegal immigration. I will not vote for anyone who takes less that a pro border enforcement stance. Also, the right candidate will not support amnesty, even if it's dressed up as a "guest worker" program.

Neil Smith

Eveybody read Andy's comment and remember that the present Republican admin. has done more to damage the hunting and fishing opportunities in this country than any other in history.The NRA will see to it that we keep our rifles, but where are we going to use them after the Republicans have sold all the public land to oil and mineral interests? Huh? Think about that.

blanco county

Richardson has a lot going for him: intelligent, concerned about some of the big issues; seems reasonable, etc. However, he carries the baggage of having served in Clinton's Cabinet and of being in the same party as Senators Clinton, Schumer, Finestein, Boxer, and Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, all of whom would be allied with him were he the President. The company he keeps is adamently opposed to the 2d Amendment. Too bad, but we can't trust him.


I'd vote for him before I would for Hillary or Obama. Obama hasn't gained my trust on issues important to me but I know for sure Hillary isn't even close. Unfortunately Richardson is probably not going to win the Democrat primary so choosing him over a Republican won't be necessary.

Romney is a loser and I don't really like Guliani because of his liberal slant on gun control. McCain isn't that bad but he has a lot of baggage as well. Thompson is still a little unknown so I can't go with him all the way yet. Bottom line, I think our choices are pretty poor on all fronts from either party.


Fred Thompson all the way. He's pro-second amendment, pro gun owners rights. With a lot of good common sense. He says what he means and means what he says.
He's the man.


I think we all should be looking to Ron Paul. Go to his website. He has some good ideas about illegal immigration, including not allowing children born here to become citizens. I live in AZ and that is all I see is illegals with 5 kids ages 1,2,3,4,5. That way we feel pitty for them and let them ALL stay . I say forget that. Ron Paul has my vote so far. Bill Richardson comes from illigal immigrant parents, who's side do you think he's on.


So, if Arnold is so great how many anti gun laws has he put into effect??
What else besides against the 50 cals??

Richardson's a good man, but, as long as he's a dem, he don't have my vote ever. Plus, he's for pulling out of Iraq hands down within a yr. That's bullshit! Throwing away everything we've fought and died for over there. Like it or not, we've got to stick it out, or else we'll be fightin this war on our own shores.

Thompson needs to get his story out so the rest of us and the world can see where he stands on everything.

These are the only two out of the whole herd from both sides I'd consider, but, neither of them will be left for the finals the way they're going.

The rest scare me bad, Mccain as much as any of them.


I cant believe that Field and stream gave the hero award to Sen. Herb Kohl. The guy has an F rating with the NRA. What a crock. Thats great what he did for the fish don't get mee wrong but gun control should be part of the issue if Field and Stream is going to be ragging on Romney.


Is there a link for NRA ratings for politicians?

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