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June 28, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should You Have to Report a Lost or Stolen Firearm?

From CT.gov:

Governor M. Jodi Rell has signed a bill to require gun owners to report their guns lost or stolen within 72-hours of discovering them missing.

“Right now, police are powerless if they trace a gun used in a crime back to its owner and the owner claims it was stolen,” Governor Rell said. “This law targets irresponsible gun owners in an attempt to stem the tide of stolen guns used in crimes in Connecticut. We think it will prove to be a useful tool for law enforcement by closing up a loophole in our laws.”

Is this really a useful tool for law enforcement or just another way to target gun owners?



As a CT resident and gun-owner I'm a little perplexed that this law was even needed. I can't believe a person who lost or had a gun stolen wouldn't report it just for the liability reasons alone. If someone had stolen one of my guns and killed somebody the 1st place the cops come is my house if they find the gun. Here in CT we don't have "registration" per say, yet every purchase is recorded and sent to the state and town we live in.

I don't belive this law is targeting gun owners, in fact I think it will help keep law abiding gun owners from being unfairly arrested or prosecuted if the scenario I described above happens.


Why wouldn't you want to report it?

Mike Diehl

Seems like a reasonable law to me. It does not restrict ownership therefore does not violate the 2A, and it does seem like it can help police track numbers & sources of firearms used by criminals.

I'd sure report it if mine were stolen.


DUHH of course you report it stolen you silly rabbit that way you're protected if its used in a crime.

Kristine Shreve

I can't believe a lot of gun owners weren't reporting their guns stolen prior to this law. From a liability standpoint alone, you would want it clearly established that your gun was stolen. Reporting it would be the easiest way to do that.


This perplexes me. It seems like a law to enforce common sense. Is it possibly aimed at illegal gun suppliers? People who buy guns and sell them off black market style to the criminal underworld? That way if the police trace it to them, they can prosecute the guy for not reporting the "Theft".

Other than that scenario, I can't see this law really having an effect. Law abiding citizens would naturally report a stolen gun, well in my opinion. Perhaps they dont, and hence the Bill.


No law is required. Such a law will make criminals of those late in reporting andto what avail is that?

Trae Berryhill

yes i strongly agree with this.For one it will help false acusations.and two you have alot better chance of gittin your gun back.the only problem with it is five minutes to call it in and report it.and if you really want your gun back that aint much of a problem.


Why is this an issue? We report lost things -- not just guns! There may not be a law to file a report for everything of value we lose, but there is something I think is even more important that dictates this ---common sense.

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